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To train students in the use of English language in varied literary and non-literary context – To teach them soft skills and strengthen their foundation in grammar and composition  – To evaluate their comprehension skills.  

Credit Hours 

UNIT – I- Prose                                                                         15

  1. Two Gentleman of Verona  –  A.J. Cronin 
  2. Judas Iscariot   Bonnie Chamberlain 
  3. Dangers of Drug Abuse J. V. S. Henbane 

UNIT II – Short Stories 15

  1. Journey by Night –  Norah Burke 
  2. The 2000-Mile Turtle  Henry Edward Fox 
  3. Fools Paradise  Isaac Bashevis Singer 

UNIT III – Fiction 15

  1. R. L. Stevenson 

Chand & company Ltd. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Retold by Kennet) – S. 

UNIT IV – Functional English 15

  1. Paragraph Writing 
  2. Comprehension 
  3. Letter Writing  
  4. Report writing 

a News Paper Report 

b Reports for Government Official Attention 

c Definition 

UNIT V – Conversation In Situations & Conversation Practice  15

  1. Conversation in Situations 
  2. a) At the Airport 
  3. b) In a Bank 
  4. c) On the Beach 
  5. d) At the Customs 

e) At the Doctors’

  1. f) In a Flight 
  2. g) In a Hotel 
  3. h) In a Restaurant 
  4. i) In a Shop 
  5. j) Tea Time 
  6. k) On the Telephone 
  7. l) In a Travel Agency  
  8. m) On a Country Walk 
  9. n) At the theatre 
  10. o) In a Street 


  1. Conversation Practice 
  2. a) Daily Activities 
  3. b) Asking Directions 
  4. c) Travel plans 
  5. d) Living in an Apartment 
  6. e) Money Problems 
  7. f) Weather Conditions 
  8. g) Dinner Conversations 
  9. h) Common Health Problems 
  10. i) Tag Questions 
  11. j) Office Conversations 


  1. Expansion of Hints 


Total: 60 Hours

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