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PEO 1:To provide the candidates with in-depth knowledge in immunology and microbiology and afirm grasp of the processes that employ or deal with microbes plus adept use of immunological techniques in relevant technologies that empowers them to deal with the safeand efficient use and monitoring of microbiological and immunological applications with development of competence on par with global standards and helps in the life-long learningof candidates.

PEO 2:To enable candidates by imparting updated analytical and hands-on skills to use andimplement technological developments related to advanced and potential areas involving molecular diagnostics, automated systems of diagnosis, immunoblotting technology,upstream or downstream processing and nanotechnology with scope for upskilling upto future technologies so as to contribute effectively for Research & Development leading topatenting and publishing.

PEO 3:To train candidates to choose a decent career option either as Entrepreneur or having a high degree of employability; or pursue research – by providing training in interpersonal skills,sense of social responsibility, ethical and administrative acumen, ability to handle critical situations allowing them to be good team members and leaders as well as training to excel incompetitive examinations.

PEO 4:To impart a strong sense of social responsibility with awareness of professional and societal ethical values and scope to develop leadership capabilities with the continuous need for lifelong learning.