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PEO1: The Diploma in culinary arts is a special advanced program designed for the student to understand the basics of culinary practices & to enable him/her to develop the minimum skill levels required to proceed further into discovering the finer nuances of cuisines. 

PEO2: A complete understanding of various aspects such as hygiene, safety, grooming, etc. will prepare the student for professional life. 

PEO3: The student will be able to understand the global food service industry and the current trends of ever-progressing cuisines. This will also emphasize and equip them with concept planning, and menu planning after having gone through the basic and advanced cooking techniques. The students will also be given an exposure to most demanding breakfast cooking and international cuisines. This will be followed by practical experience of food pickup experience in a coffee shop kitchen 

PEO4: The student will be provided with the knowledge of the fundamental principles of culinary practices that enable a graduate to become a professional chef.