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The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) describe the career and professional accomplishments that the programme is preparing its graduates to attain within a few years of graduation. Graduates of LL.B programme are expected to achieve the following Programme Educational Objectives within a few years of graduation:

PEO 1: Possess the knowledge, skills and competency in law required to pass the Bar examination.

PEO 2: Successful in the chosen field of profession / towards advanced or higher studies, by using the skills and knowledge gained during study.

PEO 3: Venture into new and challenging areas of practice where the existence of law on the subject is nil/limited and demonstrate the competency in providing solutions to complex problems by application of law.

PEO 4: Exercise proper professional, moral and ethical behaviour towards the Bar, the Bench, clients, legal system, and society.

PEO 5: Embrace cultural differences and civic and community engagement, besides providing for free legal aid whenever needed.