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PO1: Critical Thinking: Apply knowledge of Computer Science to identify, and analyze problems and provide effective solutions in the area of Computing.

PO2: Computing Skills and Ethics: Analyse a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.

PO3: Analytical skill: Ability to design, develop algorithms, and provide software solutions to cater the industrial needs.

PO4: Modern Tool Usage: Use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practices

PO5: Employability Skills: Inculcate skills to excel in the fields of Information Technology and its Enabled services, Government and Private sectors, Teaching and Research.

PO6: Ethics: Insists ethical responsibilities, and human and professional values, and makes their contribution to the society.

PO7: Self-Directed and Life-long Learning: Engaged in lifelong learning to equip them to a changing environment and be prepared to take up mastering programs.

PO8: Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or a leader in diverse team and multidisciplinary settings.

PO9: Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

PO10: Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the problem and management principles and apply these to one’s work, as a member, and engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s work, as a member.

PO11: Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

PO12: Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, and cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.


PSO1: Be an expert as a System/Network Administrator with comprehensive knowledge in Network design & analysis, Network security, and Software-defined networks.

PSO2: Be a proficient Software Engineer by obtaining exhaustive knowledge in Software Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, and Documentation.

PSO3: Inculcate students to communicate effectively and to improve their competency skills to solve real-time problems.