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PO1: Critical thinker and problem solver: Ability to employ critical thinking and efficient problem solving skills in all the basic areas of Mathematics.

PO2: Skilled communicator: Ability to transmit complex technical information relating all areas in Mathematics in a clear and concise manner in writing and oral ability to present complex and technical concepts in a simple language for better understanding.

PO3: Disciplinary knowledge and skills: Capable of demonstrating – good knowledge and understanding of major concepts, theoretical principles and findings in Mathematics and its different subfields and other related fields of study, including broader

PO4:Sense of inquiry: Capability for asking relevant/appropriate questions relating to the issues and problems in the field of Mathematics, and planning, executing and reporting the results of a theoretical investigation.

PO5: Digitally Efficient: Capable of using computers for simulation studies in Mathematics and computation and appropriate software for numerical and statistical analysis of data, and employing modern e-library search tools like Inflibnet, various websites of the renowned Mathematics and evaluate Mathematics information.

PO6: Skilled project manager: Capable of identifying/mobilizing appropriate resources required for a project, and manage a project through to completion, while observing responsible and ethical scientific conduct; and safety and laboratory hygiene regulations and practices

PO7: Life-long learners: Capable of self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal development and for improving knowledge/skill development and reskilling in all areas of Mathematics.

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