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VISTAS International Student Cell has been established to deal with the academic processes and directions to the concerns of international students and to seize the best of the opportunities. The cell enhances visibility of international initiatives such as studying abroad, international co-ops, and University partnerships. Additionally, it fosters research collaborations on a global scale, promotes understanding of globalization’s effects, cultivates globally aware citizens, and fosters productive international connections among students, scholars, alumni, and the wider community.

The standard operating procedure of VISTAS international students cell shall

  1. Exemplify updated regulatory body guidelines for Admission of International Students periodically.
  2. Maintain details of International and NRI students admitted every year and coordinate with the FRRO (Foreigner Regional and Registration Office) for S-form submission.
  3. Regularly review and appraise the needs of international students concerning the presence and functioning of the cell
  4. Conduct meetings to address the concerns of international students and resolve them.
  5. Facilitate seamless orientation of international students to campus facilities and events.
  6. Familiarize students with hostel rules, dress code, anti-ragging, local laws, customs, language, and civic amenities.
  7. Members of ISC take charge to resolve the queries raised by FRRO, Chennai.
  8. Motivating students to participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities such as games and sports, cultural presentations and social service activities.
  9. Organizing meetings for all foreign students to enable them to meet one another, exchange ideas and plan special activities.


Members of VISTAS ISC:

  1. S. Arun, Director, International Affairs
  2. R. Muraliraja, Associate Director, International Affairs
  3. S. Baskaran, Assistant Director, International Affairs
  4. Pavithra, International Admission Co-ordinator
  5. V. Shivani, BioMedical Engineering, Student Co-Ordinator (Indian)
  6. Aseel Sami, B. Pharmacy, Student Co-Ordinator (International)
  7. Bior Abuoi, EEE, Student Co-Ordinator (International)
  8. L. Pavithera, M.Sc. Dance, Student Co-Ordinator (International)