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Visitor Instructions

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Visitor Instructions

General Conduct

Visitor Pass: Make entry in security office and collect visitor pass

Respect nature. Please do not harm the natural flora or fauna. Avoid picking flowers or harming plants.

Stay on the designated paths: To protect vegetation, walk on walkways rather than grass or manicured areas.

No littering: Place waste in designated recycling and trash bins. Help keep the campus clean by picking up any rubbish that you come across.


Waste Management

Recycle Properly: Use the provided recycling bins for paper, plastics, and glass. Ensure items are clean before disposal.

Minimize Waste: Avoid using disposable items. Use reusable water bottles, bags, and utensils when possible.


Use Eco-Friendly Transport: Opt for walking, cycling, or use e-vehicle inside the campus.

Parking: Park only in designated areas and avoid idling your vehicle to reduce emissions.


Water Conservation 

Conserve Water: Do not waste water. Report any leaks or water wastage to campus authorities immediately.

Limit Usage: Use water sparingly in restrooms and other facilities.

Energy Conservation

Turn off Lights and Electronics: When not in use, turn off lights, computers, and other electronic devices to save energy.

Smoke Free and Pollution Free Campus

No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on campus grounds to maintain air quality and reduce litter.

Avoid Pollutants: Do not use harmful chemicals or pollutants that can damage the environment.