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The Center for Materials Research was established at VISTAS in 2017 to strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration between various faculty members and to facilitate research and education in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Science and Technology.


The vision of CMR is to achieve excellence in materials research and education, by combining local resources and expertise, in order to provide solutions to complex technical challenges in material design, enhancement, utilization, and identification.


CMR will strive to excel in the use of various techniques for the analysis and characterization of materials, and help in the development of new materials, which are of interest to local industries and researchers. It will also strive to achieve national prominence in targeted research areas that include energy, environment, health, and cultural heritage.

Goals & Objectives

  • Foster interdisciplinary research at the forefront of materials science.
  • Bring together motivated faculty and students in a highly collaborative research Environment.
  • Provide training opportunities for lab supervisors and technicians in different analytical techniques
  • Engage the community by providing consulting and training services to municipalities, forensic labs, environmental agencies, museums, and the energy sector, among other.
  • Provide unique capabilities that are not usually accessible to the local industries. Petroleum, energy, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, cement and other building materials, are some of the industries that might benefit from such capabilities.


The research portfolio spreads across the fields of sensors (chem. & Bio), nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Ceramic materials, Batteries & Fuel cell/Solar cell, Catalysis & Nanomaterials, Drug Design & Delivery, Polymers (Organic Synthesis & Bio), Organic synthesis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Sonochemistry, Phase transfer catalysis, Organic Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry.

The CMR research scope is broad and involves the design and synthesis of nanomaterials for improved health and environment conditions. The applications include novel smart drug and gene delivery vehicles, nanostructures for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine research and water treatment materials. The development of functional materials for energy and industrial applications focuses on hydrogen storage, gas absorption and separation, heterogeneous catalysis, and solar-to-chemical energy conversions.

As part of its outreach mission, the CMR has already initiated collaborations with a number of national and international research institutes and universities.

How to contact the Centre?

Dr. R. A. Kalaivani
Center for Materials Research (CMR)
Chennai – 600 117, Tamil Nadu, India
Mobile: 9962506223