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Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch
Name of the DepartmentName of the Guide/sTitle of the ThesisYear of Registration
of the Scholar
Year of Award
of PhD/DM/M.Ch
Nagalakshmi MCommerceDr.V.AndalMillennial Perception and Satisfaction of Plastic Card Usage in Chennai.20192023
Manikandan AComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanIntegrating Big Data from Heterogeneous Data Source and Building A Single Repository.20172023
Mahalakshmi NCommerceDr.M.KavithaService Quality Dimensions of Banking Sector - with Special Reference to Chennai City.20192023
Krithika D RComputer ScienceDr. K. RohiniEnhanced Ensemble Based Machine Learning Approach with Bigdata Analytics in Predicting the Cardiovascular Disease.20192023
Kalaiselvi JastinrajCommerceDr.G.S. MaheswariEffectiveness of Marketing Strategy on Customer Satisfaction - with Special Reference to TVS Motors.20192023
Rajesh Kannan RManagement StudiesDr.S.VasanthaAssessing Determinants of Self Service Technology Adoption and User Satisfaction for Payment of Electricity Bill.20182023
Revathy MComputer ScienceDr.S. Kamalakkannan Design and Development of Predictive Analysis Model for Student Dropouts using Collaborative Learning with Jigsaw Pattern.20192023
Bharanidharan GComputer ScienceDr.S. JayalakshmiIntelligent Scaling for Elastic Compute instances on Public Cloud Through Deep Learning Based Predictive Visual Analytics.20192023
Malathi KComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanHybrid Lions-Ga Optimization Algorithm Based Task Scheduling Approach in Cloud Computing.20192023
Sunantha PCommerceDr.M ChandranSocial Media Implication on Marketing of Products – Empirical Evidence from online Customers.20192023
Muddasir Ahmad LoneMathematicsDr.G jayalalithaA Study on Transient Solution of Stochastic Queuing System with Impatience of Customers.20192023
Babu Ismath Razack A KCommerceDr.M VetrivelA Study on Organizational Climate in Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai) Limited – An Analysis.20192023
Anbhule Sachin JalindarPharmacyDr.M.Vijey aanandhiSynthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of New Chemical Entities.20172023
Rubini BElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. N. ShanmugasundaramOptimization Study for Mitigating Arc Flash in Switchboards using Optical Sensing.20172023
B Charan Management StudiesDr. S. VasanthaEffect of Brand Experience on Green Purchase intention with Mediating Effect of Brand Satisfaction and Brand Love: A Study on E - Mobility Users (E - Scooters).20182023
Ramya AComputer ScienceDr. K. RohiniAn Empirical intelligent Recommendation System for Classified Levels of Obesity Disorder.20192023
Manju PCommerceDr. M KavithaEffectiveness of Digital Marketing and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction – with Special Reference to Chennai City.20192023
Parvathapuram Pavan KumarElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr. T. Jaya,Development of Software Controlled Radio (Scr) Algorithm for Long Range Communication.20172023
Praveen Kumar SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr. T. JayaCharacterization and Study of 2 - Qubits System for Quantum Cryptography for High - Speed Communication.20182023
Komathi LEnglishDr. P. SureshCultural Conflict of Female Characters in Select Novels of Bharati Mukherjee - A Psychoanalytical Study.20182023
Senthamizh Selvi M VCommerceDr. G S MaheswariImpact of Employee Engagement towards Organisational Performance – with Special Reference to It Sector.20192023
Ruby Evangelin MManagement StudiesDr. S. VasanthaDeterminants of Shopping Enjoyment and It’S Effect on online Impulsive Buying.20192023
Tamilmozhi GCommerceDr. M VetrivelA Study on the Effectiveness of Labour Welfare Measures Among the Selected Groups of industrial Units in Sipcot, Chennai - An Analysis.20192023
Zafer Ahmed NComputer ScienceDr. R DurgaMonitoring Network Data Structure Through intrusion Detection System for Security Enforcement in Cloud Environment.20192023
Merugu ManasaPharmacyDr. M VijeyAanandhStability indicating Method Development and Validation of Antidiabetic Drugs By Chromatographic Method.20172023
Manju CEnglishDr. A AJayashree PrabhakarReimagining the Self Through the Mountain: A Study on Human Relationship with Nature in the Select Works of Ruskin Bond.20192023
Karpagavalli CEnglishDr. E SuganthaEzhil MaryRepresentation of Communal Violence from the Select Novels of Amitav Ghosh and Aravind Adiga.20192023
Chandrika CTamil Dr. M. PrabakaranThirinangaigalin tun Varalatru Padhuvugal20182023
Amutha PComputer ScienceDr. R PriyaDesign and Development of A theoretical Framework for Predicting and Classifying Higher Education Courses using Classification Technique.20172023
Narasimhan SElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.RajendranTo Study using Data Driven Modelling Techniques on the Performance of instrumentation of Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (Pfbr) using Plant Automation Data to Optimize the Availability of the Plant.20182023
Kumutha KComputer ScienceDr. S. JayalakshmiScaling Up the Performance of Decentralized Permanent Immutable Depository and Access Hyperledger Fabric Framework for Academic Records.20192023
Haritha GPharmacyDr. P ShanmugasundaramDevelopment and Validation of Different Chromatographic Methods for Quantification of Certain Antihypertensives and Antidiabetic Drugs.20172023
Madhumathi KPhysiotherapyDr.P.Senthil SelvamThe Effectiveness of Computer Based Spatial Training and Fine Motor Training in Improving Mathematical Skills Among the Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Children.20182023
Anulekshmi SComputer ScienceDr.R.Durga Strengthening Agriculture Sector with Improved Sustainable Energy Resilence Optimization Technique using Wireless Sensor Network.20192023
Vishwa Priya VComputer ScienceDr.R.Renuga Devi
Multi Variant Ensemble Based Pre - Term Neo-Natalclassification and Risk Analysis Model forimproved Healthcare Support System using adaptive Deep Belief Neural Network.
Ezilarasi SCommerceDr.M.Kavitha
Effects of Brand Awareness on Consumer Purchase intentions – with Special Reference to Apparels in Chennai City.
Tamilselvi PComputer ScienceDr.R.Durga
Robust Security and Novel Service Level Features Enhancement for Cloud Computing Environment.
V VanithaComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaEfficient Hepatitis Disease Diagnosis using Machine Learning Algorithms.20192023
S Thahira RahmathEnglishDr.AA Jayashree Prabhakar
Contemporary Tamil Works in Translation – A Study on Narrative Structures in Select Translated Tamil Novels.
Keerthipati KumarComputer Science and EngineeringDr RA Karthika
Active Queue Management Technic to Enhance the Performance of Congestion Control using Squirrel Search Pid Controller Algorithm for Tcp Communications.
Devi Priya Darsini TEnglishDr.M Nagalakshmi
Exploration of Identity and Culture Shock in the Select Novels of Bharati Mukherjee and Jhumpa Lahiri.
Subashini MManagement StudiesDr.G.MadhumithaImpact of Green Hrm in It industry.20182023
Dhanakarna C PComputer ScienceDr.R Jayakarthik
Data Security Improvement using Enhanced Encryption Algorithm in Cloud Infrastructure.
Giftlin Paul D LEnglishDr.E.Sugantha Ezhilmary
A Subaltern Analysis on the Subjugated Female Children in the Select Plays of Mahesh Dattani.
Kalaivani M SComputer ScienceDr.S.Jayalskshmi
A Hybrid Cnn-Gru Model: A Deep Learning Approach for Consumer Sentiment Analysis using Qualitative User-Generated Reviews.
Sheeba D MComputer ScienceDr.S.JayalakshmiAn Efficient Lightweight Algorithm for Low Powered Iot Devices .20182022
Sreejith KPharmacyDr.Malarkodi VelrajAssociation of Commonly Used Anti-Diabetic and Anti - Hypertensive Drug Combinations on Cognitive Level of Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension.
John Britto MComputer ScienceDr. R. GobinathEarly Customer Churn Prediction using Attention Based Grbilstm of Customers.
Abdul Rasheedh JComputer ScienceDr.S.JayalskshmiResilient Agile Microservices on Cloud using innovative Hybrid Design Techniques.20192023
Sriganesh Varun NMass CommunicationDr.D.JayaprakashEffectiveness of Film - induced tourism to Promote tourism Destination in India.
Manjuladevi KPharmacyDr.A.VijayalakshmiFormulation and Evaluation of Curcumin Loaded Phycocyanin Nanosponges for Brain Tumor.20172023
Ch Kishore KumarComputer ScienceDr.R DurgaDesign and Development of Software Reliability Oriented System Framework using Enhanced Support Vector Machine to Improve the Quality of Software Modelling.
Deepanchakravarthi MCommerceDr. G.S. MaheswariEmployee Engagement and its Impact on Job Performance - with Special Reference to Higher Education Sector.
Yasmin AComputer ScienceDr.S KamalakannanDesign and Development of A Model for the Analytical Performance of Data Lake in Stock Market Analysis with Databricks Delta Lake.
Kavitha PComputer ScienceDr.S PerumalAn Automated Detection and Analysis of Hodgkin Lymphoma Disease using Ensemble Deep Learning Techniques.
Jenifer Ezhilarasi MCommerceDr.M ThaiyalnayakiThe Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Advertisement on the Purchase Behavior of Cosmetic Products - A Study with Reference to Greater Chennai.
Sharmila Banu HCommerceDr. S. JayakaniRelationship between Workplace Spiritual intelligence and Performance of IT Employees.
Kamilah Banu HCommerceDr. S. JayakaniConsequences on Consumption of Packaged Drinking Water - A Perceptual Study Among Consumers in Chennai City.
Meenakshi REducationDr.K SheebaEffectiveness of Differentiated instructional Strategies in Teaching Biology - A Study with Reference to Cbse Grade Seven Students.
Sasirega LComputer ScienceDr.C ShanthiEnhance the Security By using Cryptographic Key Pre- Distribution Scheme in Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks.
Kalluri HimabinduPharmacyDr.A VijayalakshmiEvaluation of Anti-Alzheimer Potential of Medicinal Plants.
Sumithra RComputer ScienceDr.R ParameswariEnhancing Security Mechanism using Mfa and Double Layer Protection in Big Data and Cloud Storage.
Reshmi Krishna PrasadElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T JayaIntelligent Spectrum Handoff for Cognitive Radio Network with Multiple Parameters.
Sriram SManagement StudiesDr.G RajiniEffects of Psychodynamic and Organizational Factors on Work Life Rhythm in Construction industry.
Mathimagal NComputer ScienceDr.S JayalakshmiEffectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral intervention of Students Utilizing Ensemble Learning with Opinion Mining Techniques.
Shambhu Nath SharmaComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaA Novel Holoentropy - Based Feature Selection Algorithm on Automatic Recommendation System for E-Commerce Application.
G Jaculine PriyaComputer ScienceDr.S SaradhaFuturistic Collaborative Ai Powdered Real Time Global Fraud Detection and Prevention Leveraging Machine Learning Classfication Algorithms.
Belsini Gladshiya V Computer ScienceDr.K SharmilaA HML - EVC Model to Analyze the Learning Prohibition of Students in Education Under Disparate Outlook using Predictive Analytics.
S Muzeer Mechanical EngineeringDr.S.SivaganesanTribological Behaviour of Aluminium Based Hybrid Metal Matrix Aa6061/B4C/Zro2/Sic Composites.20192023
Geetha CEducationDr.V GirijaOccupational Stress, Mental Health, Self Regulation and Self Efficacy of Higher Secondary Teachers.
Ziona Elizabeth Mathai P EnglishDr.M NagalakshmiPortrayal of Dark Adolescence in the Young Adult Fiction of Twentieth Century British Literature – A Psychological Study.
G Divakara Reddy CommerceDr.M ThaiyalnayakiEffect of Credit Management Strategies on Controlling Npa in indian Commercial Banks from A Credit Risk Management in Banking Perspective.
Regina Ananthi F Computer ScienceDr.Renuga deviImproving Optimized Feature Selection and Classification Based on Deep Neural Network for Early Diabetic Risk Prediction and Diagnosis.
Sandhiya M PhysiotherapyDr.P Senthil SelvamThe Role of Abdominal Muscle Training in Improving Quality of Life Among Adolescent Girls with Primary Dysmenorrhea.
Barnali Debbarma EnglishDr.V JaisreBrutality Against the Vulnerable: A Structural intersectionality Approach in the Select Novels of Toni Morrison.
Padma Priya A ChemistryDr.R A KalaivaniGreen Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots Derived from Biomass Waste for its Applications in Electrochemical Devices.
Rasheed Mansoor Ali S Computer ScienceDr.S PerumalEnsemble Feature Selection Based Student Performance Analysis using Time Division Softmax Deep Feature Neural Classification in Big Data Analytics.
Kanimozhi PEnglishDr.Sugantha Ezhil MaryRepresentation of Political injustice in J.M. Coetzee’S Select Novels.
Kavitha SMathematicsDr.K SelvakumariA Study of Cryptosystems and Fingerprint Analysis in Fuzzy Environment.
Sakthivanitha MComputer ScienceDr.S SaradhaAn Efficient Video Tracking Technique to Protect the forest from An intruder using Machine Learning Approach with IOT.
Narayanan SManagement Studies - Commerce (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.C SaraswathyA Study on Evolution and Trend of Private Equity investments - A Special Reference to Shs Advisory Group.
Rohith U CommerceDr.S Vennila Fathima RaniDimensions of Occupational Stress Among Southern Railways Employee-An Empirical Study.
Sheela KComputer ScienceDr.C PriyaAn Encapsulation of Diabetological Medical Records using Consensus Based Hybrid Algorithm in Blockchain Technology.
Elavel Visuvanathan G Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.T JayaStudy and Analysis of Carrier Frequency offset Estimation and Correction in Multicarrier Modulation Systems for 5G Communication.
Gokulanathan MCommerceDr.C SaraswathyA Study on Consumer Satisfaction and Attitude towards online Shopping in Chennai City.
Soja APharmacyDr.S JayakumariStandardisation and Screening of Homalium Zeylanicum Benth for Wound Healing Activity.
Bharathi AComputer ScienceDr.S ArunachalamIdentifying Alzheimer Disease using Proposed Elrfxg Booster and Elcr Machine Learning Algorithms.
Jacob SMechanical EngineeringDr.L KarikalanOptimization of Diesel Engine Performance and Emission Parameters using Dissimilar Biofuels.20182023
Sushita KElectrical and Electronics Engineering Dr.N ShanmugasundaramDesign and Implementation of Dc-Dc Converter for Electric Vehicle Charging using Effective Optimization Techniques.20182023
Rakesh SCommerceDr.Vetrivel MA Study on Quality of Work Life Among the Employees of Metropolitan Transport Corporation Limited Chennai – An Analysis.20192023
S SivakamasundariComputer ScienceDr.K DharmarajanA Novel Ensemble Method for Secured Cloud Services for Storage and Performance using Machine Learning Techniques20192023
Varusai Mohamed MComputer ScienceDr.S PerumalPreterm Birth Prediction using Enhanced Optimization Algorithm in Data Mining20182023
Gundugandla Kishore Mechanical EngineeringDr.A ParthibanExperimental investigation of Surface Characteristics for 7075 Aluminium Alloy Based Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite.20182023
Shashila SCommerceDr.Vennila fathima RaniInvestigation on Emotional intelligence of Science and Engineering Research Scholars – A Study20192023
Jayalakshmi S MathematicsDr.R KamaliA Study on Picture Fuzzy Graphs with Some Applications20192023
Chitra SComputer ScienceDr.V JayalakshmiDesign and Development of Chronic Diseases Prediction Model Based on Iot using Optimized Correlational Neural Network20192023
Vajubunnisa Begum R Computer ScienceDr.K DharmarajanDesign and Development of Smart Healthcare Monitoring System using Iot20192023
Kannan R PComputer ScienceDr.A.S. ArunachalamPredicting Behavioural Pattern for Potential Customers of Departmental Stores using A Novel Mlrnn Technique20192023
Aneesh V N Mechanical EngineeringDr.K KarunakaranOptimization of Machining Parameters in Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining of 12X18H10T – Stainless Steel20192023
Padmavathi TMathematicsDr.S SenthamilselviAnalytical Study of Heat and Mass Transfer Effects of Human Lung Mechanism in the Presence of Viscoelasticity and Heat Absorption20192023
Malathy KMathematicsDr.S.MeenakshiA Study on Minimum total Dominating Energy in Certain Classes of Graphs20192023
Najeeb Ahmed G Computer ScienceDr.S.KamalakkannanAnalysis of Macro and Micro Soil Nutrient Level for Agriculture Through Stochastic Modelling using Data Mining Approaches
Sakthivel SComputer ScienceDr.G.ThailambalA Combined Effective Model of Predicition on Monsoon RaInfall in Tamilnadu Region using Adabpnn and Adanaive Classification Algorithms.20192023
Deepa MManagement StudiesDr.V. Krishna PriyaImpact of Social Media on Consumer’S Purchasing Decision Making in Life-Style Products Among Professional Women
Jeyasingh Raj I Management StudiesDr.G.RajiniA Study on Impact of Tqm Implementation on Organizational Performance Through Mediating Effect of Organizational Culture with Respect to Select Wind Companies in india.20172023
Lavanya BComputer ScienceDr.C.ShanthiDeep Learning-Based Analysis of the Malicious Software Detection using Url-Api intensity Feature Selection for Improving Host Security20192023
Sinthuja NEnglishDr.A Jayashree PrabhakarA Study of Gender and Power in the Select Novels of Buchi Emecheta20192023
Ramu BhukyaElectrical and Electronics Engineering Dr.N ShanmugasundaramSwitched –inductor and Switched – Capacitor Networks Based High Step–Up Ratio Dc-Dc
Prettencia LPhysics - Chemistry (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.R A KalaivaniSynthesis and Characterization of Mn Rich Layered Cathode Material for High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Batteries20192023
Shaji MLawDr.S Ambika KumariWater Pollution and the Responsibility of Corporate Sector: An Analytical Study with Special Reference to State of Tamil Nadu20182023
Revathy GComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R A KarthikaAnalysis of Abnormal Behaviors of Parameters in Physical & Engineering Applications using Machine Learning Techniques.20192023
Hemamalini UComputer ScienceDr.S PerumalA Novel Opinion Mining Framework on Tweets for Sentiment Reality Analysis using Collaborative Search Technique.20192023
Khedkar Amol NavnathPharmacyDr.S Sathish KumarDevelopment and Validation of Analytical Techniques for Antiepileptic Drugs.20172023
Kala SComputer ScienceDr.S PerumalA Novel Convolution Recurrent Neural Network (Crnn) Model for Analysing Bacterial and Viral Attacks on Plantain Leaves.20192023
Senthilarasi SComputer ScienceDr.S.KamalakannanDesign and Development of Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm to Analyse the Spatial-Temporal Road Traffic Data in Deep Learning.20192023
Sarovar Reddy VPharmacyDr.S JeganathFormulation Development, Optimization and Evaluation of Gastroretentive Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Hypertension.20182023
Mullai SEnglishDr.M NagalakshmiTransgressing the Limits of Body, Desire, and Identity-An Exploration into the Plays of Girish Karnad.20182023
Ramesh Kumar DMass CommunicationDr.D JayaprakashAn Analysis on Impact of Media Trial in Judicial Process.20182023
Baskar SMechanical EngineeringDr.T KarikalanExperimental investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes As Secondary Refrigerant.20192023
Durgalakshmi SCivil EngineeringDr.T IlangoExperimental investigation on Solid Blocks and Concrete Partially Replaced with Processed Municipal Solid Waste Ash.20182023
Udaya Kumar MMechanical EngineeringDr.S SivaganesanStudies on Engine Performance, Combustion and Emission Properties of Mahua and Lemon Peel Methyl Ester Blends in Direct injection Diesel Engine.20192023
Sharmilaa GCivil EngineeringDr.T IlangoStudy of Air Pollution Due to Road Traffic using Computer Simulation.20152023
Mahaviradhan NMechanical EngineeringDr.S SivaganesanExperimental investigation and Optimization of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites with Sic/Ni/Gr ReInforcements.20192023
Sudha K KComputer ScienceDr.Sujatha PAutomated Fabric Defect Detection using Reformed Convolutional Neural Network.20142022
Swapna BongoniPharmacyDr.Vijey Aanandhi MSynthesis, Characterization, Docking, QSAR Studies and Pharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel Pyrazole Derivatives.20162022
Nirupa SMusic - Economics (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.Jansirani SEconomic Benefits of Music Education with Special Reference to Chennai.20182022
Tharaniya PMathematicsDr.Jayalalitha GSome Graph Theoretic Concepts in Certain Fractal Graphs and its Applications.20192022
Sangeetha YComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Kumar NAn Enhanced Route Selection Approach using Link Quality Metrics to Improve the QOS in Manet-Vanet.20172022
Mary Sudharshini FernandoCommerceDr.Kavitha MA Study on Talent Management and its Impact on Organizational Development of Manufacturing Sector – with Special Reference to Chennai City.20192022
Subasri SMathematicsDr.Selvakumari KOn Some Assignment Models in Neutrosophic Environment.20182022
Shruthi VCommerceDr.Saraswathy CA Study on Consumer Awareness, Attitude and Satisfaction towards the Purchase of Fmcg Products in Chennai City.20192022
Dilip Jose SMathematicsDr.Selvaraj KExact Solution of Hydromagnetic Parabolic Flow Past An Accelerated Vertical Plate in the Presence of Rotation and Chemical Reaction of First Order.20182022
Shanthakumari A SComputer ScienceDr.Jayakarthik RA Predictive Analysis on Chronic Kidney Diseases using Machine Learning Methods.20182022
Remya ChandranComputer ScienceDr.Mayilvahanan PIntelligent Single Sign on Key Authentication Strategy using Jwt Norms.20162022
Veldevi TChemistryDr.Kalaivani R ANano Structured Carbon Based Composite Materials for Energy Storage Applications.20182022
Arulmathi RBiotechnologyDr.Udhaya Prakash N KFlorisynthesis of Agnps using Flowers of Different Photoresponse, their Bioactivities and Cytotoxicity Evaluation.20152022
Sasikomala S K MComputer ScienceDr.Perumal SA Perspective Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents Severity using Machine Learning Paradigm.20152022
Manikandan R MComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Kumar NEfficient Method of Predicting Storage Device Failure in Datacenter using Machine Learning Techniques.20182022
Gladys JebakumariElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.Aruna RaazaDevelopment of A Machine Learning Based Approach for Prediction of Abnormalities in Heart.20182022
Sreeram DMechanical EngineeringDr.Pugazhenthi R Experimental investigation of Mechanical and Machining Characteristics on Aluminium Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites.20182022
Sudhani SrikanthMechanical EngineeringDr.Parthiban AComprehensive Analysis for Laser Welding of inconel Based Metal Matrix Composites.20172022
Venugopal SMechanical EngineeringDr.Karikalan LExperimental investigations on the Effect of ReInforcement Coating on Composite Materials for Automotive Brake Pad.20182022
Siva Sankari MComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Anandhan RIdentification of Potential Fishing Zone using Derivative Free Optimization Technique.20172022
Joseph Irudaya Raja SMechanical EngineeringDr.Sivaganesan SStudy and Analyse the Impact of Cuo2 Particle ReInforced Arecanut Fibre with ReInforced Polyester Resin Composites.20182022
Vijayakumar BPublic Administration - Management
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.Ramakrishnan P RA Study on the Effective Leadership Quality for Education Leaders in Educational Management.20182022
Uma Devi K NEnglishDr.Nagalakshmi MWomen in Diaspora : An intersectional Approach in the Select Novels of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.20182022
Sankar RTamilDr.Kamala K Thirumanthirathil Yoga Nilaigal.20162022
Saraswathi MTamilDr.Kamala K Ka.Su. Pillaiyin Thani Padal Thirratu.20162022
Mohana Lakshmi KEnglishDr.Senthamarai TPsychoanalytical Reading in the Select Novels of P D James.20182022
Monika R PEnglishDr.Senthamarai TFrom Being to Becoming : A Reinvention of Self in the Female Characters of Alice Walker.20182022
Praveena PTamilDr.Sivasankar VMalarvathiyin Puthinangalil Penniya Sindhanaigal.20182022
Jansirani V NTamilDr.Prabakaran MNa Kamarasanin Kavidhaigal.20182022
Seema SatheeshEnglishDr.Nagalakshmi MA Saga of Distress – Vignettes of Women in Bama’S and Sivakami’S Select Fiction.20192022
Ilangovan KAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamBenefit of Stars at Twelve Bhavas.20182022
Durai KumaravelanAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamSeventh Bava and Life Partner.20182022
Kumaran N GAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamA Research about the Planets in the Horoscopes of Incumbent Politicians.20182022
Ravichandran GAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamInfluence of Mars and Saturn on Employees Horoscopes.20182022
Venkatesh SAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamPlanetary Analysis for Mechanical Engineers.20182022
Shajimon BAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamKarma theory and Tenth Bhava.20182022
Kotravel VAstrologyDr.A.R.GauthamAn Extensive Study on Hora Shastra.20182022
Balakrishnan B LAstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniRole of Venus in Cinema Personalities.20182022
Vedachalam V AstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniFifth Bhava and Romance (Love).20182022
Santharam KAstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniResearch on Kendra Bhavas (1,4,7,10).20182022
Abbey PeterAstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniAstrological Research on Gemology.20182022
Kadarkarai SAstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniJothidamum Kulandhai Pirappum.20182022
Veluchamy SAstrologyDr.A.KalaivaniKarmavum Naadi Murai Jodhidamum.20182022
Kumarasamy VAstrologyDr.A.JothimaniAstrological Analysis for Heart Diseases.20182022
Navaneetharaj AAstrologyDr.A.JothimaniInfluence of Mars and Satturn on Railway Employees Horoscopes.20182022
Vinayagam MAstrologyDr.A.JothimaniPothupanithurai Paniyalargal Jadhagangal - AStudy.20182022
Rajakumar SAstrologyDr.A.JothimaniRole of Sun in Health.20182022
Krishna Kumar CAstrologyDr.A.JothimaniNadi Jothidam - Prove.20182022
Srinivasa Reddy KElectronics and Communication
Dr.Jaya.TAn Image Retrieval System used for Medical Diagnosis.20172022
Hemamalini MTamilDr.Pannirukaivadivelan.RTamizhanban Kavithaigalil Seyviyal Elakiangalin Thakkam.20182022
Chandrasekar GurralaElectronics and Communication
Dr.Arun RaazaStudy of Channel Characteristics with Different Channel Models for the Better Packet
Delivery Ratio for the Auv Search Applications.
Shaik Mazhar S AComputer ScienceDr.Akila.DA Novel Framework to Perform Efficient Analysis of Animal Sciences using Big Data Analytics.20182022
Senthur Priya NMathematicsDr.Meenakshi.SIndependent Domination for Some Special Types of Graphs.20192022
Jose Reena KComputer ScienceDr.Parameswari.RAstute Iot Based Gait Monitoring System using Alstmnn Classification Algorithm for
Geriatric Healthcare.
Mekala DTamilDr.Prabhakaran.MMGR Thirai Pada Padalgalil Membaattu Sinthanaigal20172022
Ribin Jones S BComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Kumar.NSecurity Aware Framework to Detect and Mitigate the Impact of Cloud Infrastructure Targeted
Edos Attack.
Rajya Lakshmi KCommerceDr.Lakshmi.RIndoctrination Through Advertisement of Personal Care Products Among College Students in
Telangana State.
Raji MMathematicsDr.G.JayalalithaAnalysis of Molecular Graph of Organic Compounds using Domination and Fractals.20192022
Sindhe PhanikumarComputer Science and EngineeringDr. R. AnandanSecured Data Storage with User Validation and Resource Allocation in Cloud for
Performance Enhancement.
Prakash K PMathematicsDr. K. SelvakumariModelling and Analysing Students Academic Performance Evaluation using Big Data Analytics.20182022
Sangeetha Radhakrishnan Computer ScienceDr. A. AkilaData Preserving with Elongated Blowfish (Ebf) and Elongated Rsa (Ersa) Encryption Algorithms
for Distributed Database.
Katyani C CommerceDr. S. JayakaniAcquisition of Employability Skills Among Management Students in Rural Telangana – with Special Reference to Role of Basic, Soft and Life Skills.20192022
Priyanga PCommerceDr. S. JayakaniResearch Scholars Are Really Researchers? A Human Resource Management Study Among
Non-Teaching Government Job Aspirants.
Sowndarya MCommerceDr. R ElavarasanAn Empirical Study on Emotional intelligence Among the Faculty of Arts and Science Colleges in Chengalpattu District.20192022
Nithya RTamilDr. V. Siva SankarPanmuga Nokkil Pogar.20182022
Wisemin Lins AElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. R. KrishnakumarAnalysis and Design of Solar Fed Bldc Motor Drive using Various Optimization Techniques.20182022
Srikanth Bhyrapuneni Computer Science and EngineeringDr. R. AnandanText Extraction from Images using Multi - Layer Neural Feed - forward Network with
Artificial Neural Network Fuzzy Inference System.
Abarna RCommerceDr.S.Vennila Fathima RaniThe Role of Social Media for Brand Management Among Small Business Entrepreneurs.20192022
Bhuvaneswari DMathematicsDr. S. MeenakshiA Study on Set Domination in Some Special Graphs.20192022
Sahaya Ramya A CommerceDr. S. Vennila Fathima RaniDeterminants of Social Advertisement Effectiveness – with Special Reference to
Attitude and Commitment of Youth.
Navitha Sulthana A Management StudiesDr. S. VasanthaInfluence of Social Media Usage, Electronic Word of Mouth and User Generated Content on
Purchase intention.
Venkateshwaran GCommerceDr. R.V. SuganyaOccupational Stress: intensity and its Impact on Organisational Performance: A Study with
Special Reference to It industry in Chennai City.
Jayalakshmi V Visual CommunicationDr. P. Sri JothiStudy on Health Communication Among Pregnant Women Through Mobile Application.20192022
Vidhya V CommerceDr. S. JayakaniEmotional intelligence, Spirituality and Workplace Performance - A Study with Special Refernce
to IT Employees.
Vidhya R CommerceDr. K. KalaiselviA Study on the Influence of Social Media in Digital Marketing on Purchase intention of
Customers - An Empirical Study with Special Reference to Fmcg.
Mubina BCommerceDr. R.V. SuganyaEffects of Role Stress and Quality of Work Life – A Study with Reference to Information Technology Employees in Chennai City.20192022
Abilash S CommerceDr. R. LakshmiA Study on Generation Z Respondents of Social Marketing Through Social Media in Chennai City.20192022
Suvarna RaagavendaranEconomicsDr. S. N. SugumarEconomics of Organic Farming of Paddy in Tamil Nadu with Special Reference to Kanchipuram District.20192022
Indradeep Kumar Mechanical EngineeringDr. C. DhanasekaranPerformance and Emission Characteristics of Various Biodiesel with Nano - Additives in
CI Engine as a Biofuel.
Sreenivasulu Bolla Computer Science and EngineeringDr. A. AnandanProbabilistic Multi Labelled Big Data Clustering Model for Privacy Preservation in Big Data
using Efficient Optimization Model.
Rajesh P Computer Science Dr. D. AkilaEnhanced Hybrid Algorithm Based on Naïve Bayes and Support Vector Machine for Sentiment
Nagaraju V Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr.Arun RaazaDevelopment of Software Defined Radio Algorithm for Short Range Communication.20172022
Bothiraj K V BiochemistryDr. V. VanithaIsolation and Characterization of Lead Bioactive Compound from Green Coffee Bean Seed and
Assessment of its Anticancer Potential.
Gangadevi KComputer ScienceDr. R. RenugadeviEnhanced Crypto - Aggregated Security and integrity Model on Block - Chain Security in Progressive Cloud Computing Environment.20192022
Viswanath KPharmacyDr. M. vijey aanandhiPhytochemical and Pharmacological Evaluation of Cyphostemma Setosum (Roxb.).20172022
Kalaivani PBiochemistryDr. P. AmudhaIsolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compound from Syringodium Isoetifolium and its
Assessment of Biological Activity By in Vitro Approach.
Harihara Shanmugam A R Management StudiesDr. P.R. RamakrishnanGeographical indication Product and Regional Ethnocentrism: the Importance of Nostalgia, Tradition and Ethnicity.20192022
Senthil S Sekhar Computer ScienceDr. K. SathyanarayananA Study on Recommendation System using Real Time Multi Feature Multilevel Semantic
Bharath Yuvaraj R Visual CommunicationDr. P. SrijothiA Study on the Influence of Mobile Games on Children’S Behaviour.20172022
Jetty Bangaru Siddhartha Electronics and Communication EngineeringDr. T. JayaDevelopment of Appropriate Under Water Channel Model using Aqua Simulation tool for
Limited Acoustic Network of Underwater Survey Application.
Praveen Kumar LBiochemistry - Biotechnology
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr. S. VijayalakshmiHuman Supplements for the Ex Vivo Expansion of Clinical - Grade Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC).20162022
Karthikeyan SMathematics Dr. A. SelvarajHeat and Mass Transfer Studies on Mhd Parabolic Flow Past on Accelerated Vertical Plate with thermal Radiation and Rotation.20182022
Murugan KBiochemistryDr. V. VanithaEffect of Boerhavia Diffusa on Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Assessment of Gene Regulation of
Apoptosis in Hep G2 Cell Line.
Gondhale Priyanka Satish Sneha PharmacyDr.Binoy VargheseAnalytical Method Development and Validation of formoterol Fumarate and Tiotropium in Dry Powder inhaler Combination for the Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases.20182022
Babu T GComputer ScienceDr.V.VijayalakshmiEnhanced Energy - Efficient Secure Data Aggregation Model for Wireless Sensor Networks with Elgamal and Blockchain Approach.20192022
Veerasivaji RMathematicsDr.S.MeenakshiA Study on Distance Domination and Covering of Graphs.20192022
Narayanan TManagement StudiesDr. P. R. RamakrishnanOrganization Culture and Impact on innovation and Transformation with Special Reference to IT Sectors, Chennai.20182022
Dharani Devi G Computer ScienceDr. SenthamaraiIdentification of Employee Job Satisfaction using Sentiment Analysis for Better Business Performance.20192022
Deepika KMathematicsDr. S. MeenakashiA Study on Eccentric and Distance Degree Sequences of Graphs.20192022
Nikhil Das T CommerceDr. P. JagadeesanResponsible tourism initiatives of Kerala : Study on Wayanad.20182022
Sweetline SEnglishDr. SenthamaraiNegotiating Femininity in the Select Novels of Manju Kapur.20182022
Vanitha PCommerceDr. K KrishnanA Study on Branding and Customer Loyalty with Special Reference to Cosmetic Products.20192022
Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch
Name of the DepartmentName of the Guide/sTitle of the ThesisYear of Registration
of the Scholar
Year of Award
of PhD/DM/M.Ch
Sasikala PComputer ScienceDr.P.MayilvahananA Study on Knowledge Transfer Among Research Community using Topic Modeling in Academic Social Network Dataset2018 2022
Latha RCommerceDr.P.JagadeesanInducement of Labour Welfare Measures Fulfilment on Employee Performance and Commitment-A Study with Special Reference to Manufacturing Companies in Select District of Tamilnadu2018 2022
Preethi.PEnglishDr.V.JaisreInstructional Technology: Mass Media Approach To Enhance the Speaking Skill of First Year Students in VISTAS20182022
Roshini Rose PhilipsHuman Development - Economics
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.S.N.SugumarLearning Difficulties Among School Children – An Economic Perspective2018 2022
Nepul Raj AVisual CommunicationDr.D.JayaprakashPeople Protest and Social Media: Memes As A Vehicle for Political Communication and Means of Self-Expression2018 2022
Vidhyalakshmi AComputer ScienceDr.C.PriyaAn Enhancement of Hbnk Algorithm for Prediction of Lingual and Acrometastasis using Advanced Communication Channel2018 2022
Sandhiya SMathematicsDr.SelvakumariA Study on Fuzzy Soft Sets in Multi Criteria Decision Making Problems2018 2022
Senthil Kumar BVisual CommunicationDr.M.R.ChitramaiAn analytical Study on Recent Trends in Tamil Cinema with Reference To Genre and Heroism20182022
Kingsleen Solomon Doss JComputer ScienceDr.S.KamalakkannanHybrid Optimization Based Privacy Preservation of Database Publishing in Cloud Environment2017 2022
Karthi CMathematicsDr.K.SelvakumariAnalysis of Equilibrium Point in Bimatrix Game with Fuzzy Payoffs2018 2022
Dhamdhere Rupali BalasahebPharmacyDr.A.VijayalakshmiDesigning of Rational and Systemic Approach Towards Quality By Design Compliance and Impurity Profiling of Anticholestrol Drugs20172022
Priya VComputer ScienceDr.C.PriyaA Novel Approach on Ppg - Rap Kernel for Symbiotic Pavement Calamity forecast using Optimized Machine Learning Techniques2018 2022
Padmavathy V RMathematicsDr.K.Selvakumari
Applications of Fuzzy theory in Medical Diagnosis
Suganthi KMathematicsDr.G.JayalalithaAnalysis of Deterministic inventory Model and Stock Market using Brownian Motion based on Fractals2018 2022
Bhuvaneswari SCommerceDr.S.ThangamayanInducement of Human Resource Practices on the Behavioural Outcomes of It/Ites
Employees in Chennai City
2018 2022
Tamilarasi PComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaTask Allocation and Scheduling for Big Data Applications in Cloud Computing Environments2018 2022
Subathra GMathematicsDr.G.JayalalithaA Study on Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Sets in Complex analysis Environment 2017 2022
Mohanraj PMechanical EngineeringDr.R.SridharExperimental investigation Resting on Heat Transfer Performance of the Heat Pipe through Leading-Edge for Aircraft anti-Icing Applications20142022
Monalisa GEnglishDr.M.NagalakshmiTradition and Modernity in the Select Novels of Manju Kapur and Chetan Bhagat: A Comparative Study2018 2022
Sathish Kumar MittapalliPharmacyDr.Vijey AnandhiDesign, Synthesis and Biological Activity of Pyridopyrimidine and Pyrazolopyrimidine Scaffolds As Novel Anticancerogens20162022
Ansiem GeorgePsychiatric Nursing - Management Studies ( Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.S.PreethaInfluence of Social Networking on Mental Health among Adolescents2017 2022
Sudha TMathematicsDr.G.JayalalithaExistence and Analysis of Fuzzy Fractals in Sierpinski Triangle and Medical Diagnosis2018 2022
Sathya Geetha SMathematicsDr.K.SelvakumariOn Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problem and Its Variants using Ranking Approach2018 2022
Angel Sherin D AMathematicsDr.V.MaheswariA Study on Encryption Decryption Process using Graph Labeling2018 2022
Santhi SMathematicsDr.S.ThangamayanOn Some Applications of Flow Shop Scheduling Models in Fuzzy Environment2018 2022
Bhuvaneswari SEconomicsDr.K.SelavkumariPerformance of Automobile industry in india – A Case Study of Tamilnadu2018 2022
Swapna SrikumarManagement StudiesDr.P.ShaliniRetention Strategies for Retaining Women Employees in Select Service Sectors2017 2022
Kalyana Chakarvarthy P R Civil EngineeringDr.IlangoExperimental Investigation on Concrete Containing Foundry Sand and Coconut
Shell as Aggregate Replacement
2017 2022
Vigneswari KComputer ScienceDr.K.KaliselviIntegrated Convolution Neural Network Approach using Distributed Processing Framework for Brain Tumor Detection2017 2022
Hilda Malar JEnglishDr. R VenkataramanProjection of Contemporary India in the Select Novels of Chetan Bhagat and Aravind Adiga2016 2022
Kalpana C SBiochemistryDr.V.VanithaA Study of anticancer Potential of Cymodocea Serrulata - A Seagrass
2018 2022
Maheswari MComputer ScienceDr.R.A.KarthikaAn Intelligent Learning Framework for an Efficient intrusion Detection Mechanism in
Energy Aware WSN-IOT
2017 2022
Sreenivasulu TComputer ScienceDr.R.JayakarthikA Tristate Nature Inspired Evolutipnary Paradigm for Multi Domain Sentiment analysis 2018 2022
Sreehari KundellaComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathHighly Empowered Multi Objective Based Enhanced ECG Data Security Framework in Cloud Computing2018 2022
Vairavel MMechanical EngineeringDr.R.PugazhenthiAn Experimental Evaluation of Aa7075 and A384 of Aluminium Alloys with Friction Stir Welding20172022
Nasima AManagement StudiesDr.P.ShaliniDeterminants of Women Empowerment and the Mediating Effect of Self Esteem20182022
Jaya Shruthy V NMathematicsDr.V.MaheswariA Study on Different Graph Labeling Methods for Cryptographic Writing2018 2022
Raghuram GYoga - Economics (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.S.N.SugumarEffect of Yogic Practices on Selected Risk Factors among Tribal Diabetic Men – A Study in Health Economics
Uppuluri Varuna Naga Venkata ArjunPharmacyDr.T.S.ShannmugarajanDevelopment and Characterization of 7, 8-Dihydroxy Flavone Loaded Hydrogel:
Regenerative Potential in Full Thickness Burn Wound Model.
2018 2022
Bindu GComputer ScienceDr.R.A.KarthikaSpectrum Distribution in Cr Vanet using Secured Lion Optimization Long Short-Term
Memory for indian Road Scenarios
Poovarasi J S T MComputer ScienceDr.Sujatha SrinivasanDimensionality Reduction in Big Data analyticsusing Hybrid Modified Oppositional Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm
2017 2022
Geetha V SPharmacyDr.Malarkodi VelrajPreparation and Characterization of 5-Fluorouracil and Erlotinib Loaded Liquorice Crude Protein Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Lung Cancer2016 2022
Archana G CommerceDr.PjagadessanDeterminants ofpurchase intention and Commitment of College and Employedyouth – A Comparative Study To Trace the Role of Social Media Marketing20182022
Suresh T N ChemistryDr.T.SomanathanSynthesis and Characterisation of Carbon Nanotubes and Its Applications20162022
Anitha DComputer ScienceDr.R.A.KarthikaQuality of Service Aware Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm with Multiple Access Techniques using Machine Learning for Underwater Sensor Networks2017 2022
Agathiyar M PYoga - Economics (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.S.N.SugumarDeterminants of Longevity with Special Reference To Siddha Varma Yoga Prespectives- A Study in Health Economics2018 2022
Selvamani SCommerceDr.P.JagadessanImpact of Stress on Quality of Work Life among IT/ITES Employees in Chennai City2018 2022
Yasmeen BanoManagement StudiesDr.VasanthaInfluence of Generic Skills, Career Development Learning and Emotional intelligence on
Employability of the Students
2018 2022
Jagan Kumar GMathematicsDr.G.JayalalithaAnalysis of Mathematical Modelling and Implementation of Fractals in Medicine2017 2022
Srinivasa RajagopalachariPharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramAnalytical Method Development and Validation for the Determination of Ninhydrin Positive Substances (NPS) in Amino Acids by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Determination of Amino Acids Content by UPLC20172022
Gopalakrishnan SComputer ScienceDr.A.PremaA Novel Hybrid Algorithm for Text Classification To Implement Sentiment Analysis2018 2022
Brindha Devi ECommerceDr.Jayakani.SPredecessor of Employment Decision Making of Post Millennials-A Study with Reference To Role of Skills Acquisition From Higher Education Institutions20182022
Sridhar G MComputer ScienceDr.A.PremaCardio Vascular Risk Detection using Cr-Hom Hybrid Optimization Algorithm
and Machine Learning Techniques
2018 2022
Lysa Eben JComputer ScienceDr.R.Renuga DeviBig Data analysis Based on Lex-Sense Feature Selection using Deep Featured Neural Classification for Identifying Fake News in Social Tags20192022
Balaji T RComputer ScienceDr.P.MayilvahananAnalyzing Organization Project Delivery Time in Terms of Scaling Principle Learning Strategy for Agile Framework20152022
Krishnachalitha CComputer ScienceDr.C.PriyaA Novel Approach To Early Detection ofrheumatoid Arthritis on Hand and Wrist using Convolutional Reinforcementlearning Techniques2018 2022
Saranya AComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanHybrid intelligent Model for Behavioralanalysis of Autism Affected Children2017 2022
Vijaya Sreenivas KComputer Science and EngineeringDr.T.NaliniA Novel Framework for Data integration,Aggregation and Representation of Heterogeneous Data2014 2022
Jenifer.ICommerceDr.M.ThaiyalnayakiImpact of Talent Management Strategies on Organizational Development in It/Ites Companies– A Study with Reference To Chennai2018 2022
Deepa.BMathematicsDr.V.MaheswariA Study on Encoding and Decoding the Messages using Graph Labeling Techniques 2018 2022
Saranya SCommerceDr.M.ChandranRole of Employees’ Transfer on Organizational Effectiveness in Commercial Banks – A Studywith Reference To Chennai City20192022
Uma Maheswari NComputer ScienceDr.R.RenugadeviA Deep Neural Network Based Ddos attack Detection By Improving the Security in Virtualized Cloud Environment20192022
Vijayalakshmi KComputer ScienceDr.V.JayalakshmiAttribute-Based Access Control Scheme with Efficient Policy Validation Techniques and Rulespecific Cluster Merging Algorithm2019 2022
Anbazhagu UvComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandhanInterpreting the Public Opinion Mining on Social Media using Big Data analytics2017 2022
Srividhya HTamilDr.R.PannirukaivadivelanShoba Sakthiyin Pulampeyar Puthinangal2018 2022
Vidhya AComputer ScienceDr.R.ParameswariA Proficient Neural Network Based Ramp Raise Optimized Algorithm for the Prediction of
Epileptic Seizure Pre-Ictal Stage
Jothi EMathematicsDr.A.SelvarajMhd and Radiation with Absorption Effects on Flow Past an Accelerated Vertical Porousplate in the Presence of Soret Dufour Effects2019 2022
Ponni AEnglishDr.V.JaisreBreaking Silence and Surmounting Ordeals: A New Woman in Shashi Deshpande’S Select Novels2019 2022
Pavithra VComputer ScienceDr.V.JayalakshmiStudy and Analysis of Feature Selection Techniques for Predicting Cardiovascular Diseases2019 2022
Revathi SMathematicsDr.K.SelvakumariA Study of Fuzzy Queueing Models and its Applications2018 2022
Yogeshwari MComputer ScienceDr.G.ThailambalA Novel Method of Identification and Classification of Plant Diseases using Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm in Image Processing2018 2022
Sarika PManagement StudiesDr.S.VasanthaDeterminants of Mobile Wallet Adoption and Its Effect on Users’ Satisfaction2017 2022
Suchitra MPharmacyDr.Binoy Varghese CherianExtraction, Isolation, Characterisation and Biological Activity of indigenous Medicinal Plant, Vitex Trifolia.L.20172022
Lipsa NayakComputer ScienceDr.V.JayalakshmiA Framework To Secure Healthcare Data in Cloud By using Fused Cryptographic Technique with Fog of Decoy2019 2022
Senthil G AElectronic and Communication EngineeringDr.Arun RaazaAn Enhanced Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Routing using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization for Iot Sensor Networks20192022
Resmi Nair GComputer ScienceDr.N.KumarAn Optimized Energy Efficient Scheme and Mobility Prediction Based Routing Assignment for Cognitive Mobile Ad Hoc Networks20162022
Kiruthiga RComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaCost Effective and Multi-Constraint Based Resource Allocation for Big Data Streams in Cloud Systems using Machine Learning2018 2022
Jagadesswari VEnglishDr.P.SureshRemapping Identity and Hybridity: Multiculturalism and Cosmopolitanism in the Select Works of Zadie Smith and Monica Ali2018 2022
Premalatha DsCommerceDr.S.SubramanianA Study on Job Satisfaction of Private Schoolteachers with Special Reference Tokanchipuram District2018 2022
Premalatha REconomicsDr.S.ThangamayanImpact of Public Expenditure on Economic Development in Tamilnadu2019 2022
Josephine Isabella SComputer ScienceDr.S.SujathaMining Classification Rules from Imbalanced Large Data Sets using Binary Cross Entropy-Gradient Boost Hybrid Ensemble Classifier20172022
Preethi T VMicrobiologyDr.A.K.Kathireshan White Rot Fungi Laccase – Optimization, Biochemical Characterization and Applications.2014 2021
Lavanya MComputer ScienceDr. R. Parameswari Seed Sequence Prediction and Soil Nutrients Monitoring for Yield Enhancement in Greenhouse using Ph Value with Iot.2017 2021
Aravanan PPharmacyDr. S. JayakumariPhytochemical and Pharmacological Studies on Bauhinia Racemosa Lam Roots.20152021
Namratha SunkaraPharmacyDr. A.Vijaya LakshmiAnalytical Method Development and Validation of New Chemical Entities (Antiviral) by Hyphenated Techniques.20172021
Karthika DComputer ScienceDr. K. KalaiselviAn Incremental Ensemble Clustering Framework using Metaheuristics Methods for High Dimensional and Breast Cancer Gene Expression Data.2018 2021
Stephen Raj SComputer ScienceDr. P.SripriyaAnalysis and Development of an Automated Alert System for Drowsiness Detection using Optimized Image Mining Techniques.2017 2021
Revathy KCommerceDr.P. JagadeesanPerceived Risk and Threats in online Shopping - A Study with Special Reference To Women Consumers attitude and Behaviour.2018 2021
Anandhi BElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr. S. JerrittaEmotion Recognition in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using Electrocardiogram (ECG) Signals.20172021
Iswarya SManagement StudiesDr. S. PreethaManagement of Foreign Exchange Exposure in Selected MNC’S in India.2018 2021
Karuppasamy MMechanical EngineeringDr.R.SaravananExperimental investigation on Twisted Tapes and Nano Fluids Based Heat Transfer Enhancement.2016 2021
Vidhya Sree MComputer ScienceDr.R.ParameswariMeta Learning Gradient Boosted Neural Network Model Based Diabetes Risk Prediction using Oct Retinal Image attributes.2018 2021
Clementeena AComputer ScienceDr.P.SripriyaDesign and Development of Subjective Question answering System using Sersomat Hybrid Natural Language Processing Algorithm.20172021
Vivekananth RIndustrial Chemistry - Chemistry (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr. R.A. KalaivaniFabrication of Some Metal Oxides/Graphene Nanocomposites Modified Electrodes for Electroanalysis.2013 2021
Saravanan CLawDr. S. Ambika KumariJudicial Activism Towards the Protection of Human Rights.20212021
Jayashree VPharmacyDr. Malarkodi VelrajChemoprevention of Tragia involucrata Stem Extract Against 7,12-Dimethylbenzanthracene (Dmba) induced Mammary Carcinogenesis in Swiss Albino Mice.20162021
Prashanth Rao KManagement StudiesDr. P.R. RamakrishnanA Study on the Adoption of Asset-Liability Management By Urban Cooperative Banks in the State of Karnataka with Special Reference To Risk Management Techniques.2014 2021
Srinivasa Rao SanapalaPharmacyDr. A.Vijayalakshmianalytical Method Development and Validation of New Chemical Entities (antidiabetic) By Hyphenated Techniques.20172021
V.RajalakshimiPharmacyDr.M. Vijey AanandhiPrevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency, It'S Relation with Metabolic Syndrome and the Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation in the Asir Province, Saudi Arabia.20162021
Venkat MaithriEnglishDr.P.SureshEfficacy of Active Learning Strategies in Enhancing Listening and Speaking Skills at the
Secondary Level – an Experimental Study.
2018 2021
Kavitha SComputer ScienceDr.P.SripriyaA Hybrid Palmprint Recognition Model for Human Identification using Deep Learning
and Fuzzy Classification.
2017 2021
J. UmamaheswariComputer ScienceDr.A.AkilaA Pragmatic Eprnn- Knn Approach for Emotion Identification of A Ss-Tdnn Based
Quality Enhanced Speech.
Elanthendral.RBiochemistryDr.R.PadminiSynthesis, Characterization and Cardio Protective Role of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Tender Coconut Mesocarp Extracts.2018 2021
Raman Kumar PuppalaPharmacyDr.A.VijayalakshmiDevelopment and Evaluation of Colon Targeted Drug Delivery System of Anti- Inflammatory Drug.20162021
Saravana Kumar.SBiochemistryDr.PadminiBiosynthesis and Cardio Protective Effect of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle using Vetiveria Zizanioides (Linn.) Nash on Ischemic Reperfusion injury in Isolated Rat Heart.2014 2021
Mouthu KumarasamyEconomicsDr. S.N. SugumarObesity Management and Alternative Medicines with Special Reference To Varma and Yoga – A Study in Health Economics.2018 2021
Meenakshi VijayakumarEnglishDr.A.A.Jayashree PrabhakarFire and its Multifaceted Contexts.20132021
P.RajalakshmiComputer ScienceDr.S.P.RajagopalanSentiment ontology analysis of Different Geographic Areas for Pharmacovigilance20152021
B. JananeeCommerceDr. M. ThaiyalnayakiA Study on Organsational Development Practices in Public and Private Sector Banks with Reference To Chennai City20172021
Shoba VComputer ScienceDr.Parameswari.RTwo Level Crypto Techniques for Preserving Privacy of anonymous Scalable Big Data.2017 2021
Suresh SManagement StudiesDr.S.Vasantha Determinants of Logistics Performance and Customer Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction with the Mediating Effect of Iot Usage.2017 2021
Shanmugapriya.MYoga Therapy-Economics (Inter-Disciplinary)Dr.S.N.SugumarEffect of Yogic Practices on Selected Risk Factors Among Tribal Diabetic Women – A Study in Health Economics.2018 2021
Sayeeda Jabeen SCommerceDr.KavithaImpact of Implementation of Green Marketing Strategy – with Special Reference To Fmcg in Chennai City.2018 2021
Pradeep Kumar RElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr.Krishna KumarDriver Safety Technology Based on Electroencephalogram Signals.20172021
Padmavathy VsComputer ScienceDr.R.PriyaA Novel Framework for the Enhancement of Contrast and Color of Low Light Images.2017 2021
Sudha CComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaCredit Card Fraud Detection System Based on User Behavior and Features using Machine Learning Techniques.2018 2021
Moohamed Moosa SCommerceDr.P.JagadessanAntecedents of Purchase intention and Customer Commitment – A Study To Explore the Role of Social Media Marketing Among Employed Youth.2018 2021
Bharathi Reddy.ACommerceDr.P.JagadessanPurchase intention, Commitment and Loyalty in Retail Apparel Outlet of Shopping Malls: Customers Perspective.2018 2021
Lavanya SComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaPrediction Performance analysis of Crimes Against Women in Tamil Nadu State using Classification Algorithms Enhanced Data Mining Techniques.2018 2021
Rathi Devi RComputer ScienceDr.Parameswari.RHadoop Distributed File System Based File Storage Model with Bit-Shuffling Encryption of Coalesce Files.2017 2021
Poornima AManagement StudiesDr.Rajini.GEffects of Personality Trait on Social Entrepreneurship intention Towards Sustainable Development Through the influence of Social innovation and Network.2018 2021
Madhubala RComputer ScienceDr.A.AkilaDesign and Development of Context Aware and_x000D_
Personalized Mobile Learning Framework.
2016 2021
Ganesh CPharmacyDr.Vijeyanandhi MPhytochemical analysis, Isolation, Characterization and Biological Activity of Erythrina Subumbrans (Hassk) Merr”.
Eriki Ananda KumarMechanical EngineeringDr.Pugazenthi RInvestigation on Mill Tool Life and Surface Texture of Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V) with
Preheating of Work Surface
2017 2021
Shai Sundaram V SMechanical EngineeringDr.Chandrasekaran MInvestigation of the Effect on thermal Barrier Coating at Different Dosing Levels of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticle on Various Biodiesel in A Ci Engine2017 2021
Calista Bebe PComputer ScienceDr.D.AkilaAuthentication Based Damgård–Jurik Key Matching and Benaloh Cryptosystem for Secured Cloud Data Storage and Access Control2018 2021
Shakeela.RYoga-Economics (Inter-Disciplinary)Dr.S.N.SugumarEffect of Yogic Practices on Selected Risk Factors of Menstrual Problems Among Adolescent Girls – A Study in Health Conomics2018 2021
Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch
Name of the DepartmentName of the Guide/sTitle of the ThesisYear of Registration
of the Scholar
Year of Award
of PhD/DM/M.Ch
Sudheer Kumar KamarapuPharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramDevelopment of Validated Stability indicating Assay Method By RP-HPLC for Simultaneous Estimation of Selected Antihypertensive Drugs in their Bulk and Combination form in Biorelevant Dissolution Media.20152021
Yadav Vishal DadasahebPharmacyDr.S.Sathesh KumarFormulation and Evaluation of Polymeric Multiple Unit Particulate System for Gastro Intestinal Tract Drug Delivery.20152021
Bhusarapu Satya PrasadPharmacyDr.S.JayakumariAnalytical Method Development and Validation of Selected Antibiotics in Biological Matrices By Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectroscopy.20162021
Raghavendra Kumar GundaPharmacyDr.A.VijayalakshmiFormulation Development and Evaluation of Gastroretentive Drug Delivery Systems using Natural and Semisynthetic Polymers.20162021
Shanmugam AManagement StudiesDr.N.KalyanaramanImpact of HRM Practices and Government Policies on Job insecurity of Employees in Alcoholic Beverages & Its Allied industries in Tamil Nadu.2015 2021
Keerthi G S NairPharmacyDr.S.Sathesh KumarDevelopment and Characterization of Ansamycin Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles for Bacterial Meningitis.20162021
Sumathi NEnglishDr.P.SureshOptimistic Perspectives towards the Struggles in the Select Poems of Dylan Thomas: A Study.
Prashant Koppuravuri NPharmacyDr.AvijayalakshmiDevelopment of A Validated Rp-Lc/Ms Method for Quantiification of Different Categories of Drugs in Biological Matrices.
Ethirajan DComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Purushothaman Big Data Performance Evaluation towards Effective Egovernance Application.20142021
Maheswari PPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanBeneficial Effects of Omega- 3 Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Effects on Macrosomia and Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes.20152021
Siva Priya C Management StudiesDr.S.PreethaEmployees’ Perspective towards innovation in Alignment with Organizational Strategy in Select Automotive Smes in Chennai.20172021
Rafiya Banu SCommerceDr.ChandranImpact of Human Capital Management on Employee Performance - A Study with Reference to Chemical industries in Tamil Nadu.
Angelin S KirubaManagement StudiesDr.S.Vasantha Determinants of individual investors’ Investment Decision – The Case of Indian NSE Market.2017 2021
Revathi JManagement - Economics (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.S.JansiraniA Study on Medical tourism in Tamilnadu: with Special Reference to Chennai and Vellore.20172021
Vijayashree PCommerceDr.ChandranEffectiveness of Employees’ Participation in Mnc’S – A Study with Reference to Chennai.2016 2021
Haribaabu VComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Arun Development of Emotion Recognition System using Ecg Signals.2014 2021
Meenakshi SComputer ScienceDr.S.Purushothaman Texture Image Segmentation using Artificial Neural Network.2014 2021
Vahini SComputer ScienceDr.S.Sujatha Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer Images using Bilateral Perona Malik Diffusion Filtering and topological Multitude Feature Extraction.20172021
Anita Smiles JComputer ScienceDr.KamalakannanStochastic Latent Space Representation inducing Ensemble Model: An Efficient Approach towards Fraud Prediction in Financial Payment Services.
Somasundaram SComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathEarly Detection of Brain Tumor in Mr Images using Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network and Deep Belief Network.
Karunya SComputer ScienceDr.P.MayilvahananA Secured Embedded Multipurpose Tracking System for Feminine Victim using K2 Location Veracity Algorithm.
2017 2021
Jayashri NComputer ScienceDr.K.KalaiselviA Secured Cloud Approach for Knowledge Content Management System in Higher Education.20162021
Sharanya CElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.RajendranPerformance Analysis of Adaptive Queuing System with Priority Scheduling for A Cognitive Radio Network with Heterogeneous Traffic.2016 2021
Jaya MukundManagement StudiesDr.K.MaranProfessional Students Perception of Effectiveness in Training Programme with Reference to Placement.
Monisha MElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.RajendranScan-Cogrsg: Secure Channel Allocation By Dynamic Cluster Switching for Cognitive Radio Enabled Smart Grid Communications.20172021
Deepika MComputer ScienceDr.K.Kalaiselvi An Optimal Solution for Thyroid Disease Classification using C5.0 Decision Tree and Cultural Algorithm.
Srinivasan RElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.RajendranStudy of High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Measurement Systems for Oceanographic Applications.
Sumitha RApplied Microbiology-Biotechnology
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.N.BanuExtraction, Characterisation and Evaluation of Bioactive Metabolite From Echinoderm Stellaster Equestris (Retzius, 1805).20132021
Angelcerli AComputer ScienceDr.K.KalaiselviA Hybrid Routing Protocol Approach for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Networks.
2017 2021
Papitha Christobel TComputer ScienceDr.KamalakannanBig Data Based Pregnancy Period Diabetic and Blood Pressure Predictive Analysis using Health Care Neural Network-Long Short Term Memory.20162021
Venkateswara Rao SadhuPharmacyDr.S. Sathesh KumarDevelopment of Flutamide Loaded Polymeric Nanocarriers for Chemotherapy of Prostate Cancer .20152021
Kumaraguru APharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramAssessment of Educational intervention on the Awareness of Adr Reporting to Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (Pvpi) Among Community Pharmacists & Consumers.20162021
Sujitha BMedical Biochemistry – Biochemistry (Inter - Disciplinary) Dr.K.G.KripaStudies on the Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Arthritic Potential of Caryota Urens (L.) - An in Vitro and in Vivo Approach.2016 2021
Sowmiya J Computer ScienceDr.K.KalaiselviKnowledge Mining for Academic Performance in Higher Education Systems.20172021
Senthil Kumar J(Off Line)Computer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Arun Anti-Cancer therapeutic Property Prediction of Premna Latifolia Leaf Extracts using Machine Learning Techniques.2014 2021
Premila T RElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr.R.KrishnakumarCombined Mppt and Voltage Control of Closed Loop Pv inverter System.20172021
Sasikala KElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr.R.KrishnakumarClosed Loop Controlled Flyback Smps with Improved Dynamic Response.20172021
Janaki NElectrical and Electronics EngineeringDr.R.KrishnakumarAnalysis and Implementation of Closed Loop Control of Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge Dc-Dc Converter.
Sonawane Pavankumar RavindraMechanical EngineeringDr.M.ChandrasekaranCondition Monitoring of Single Stage Gearbox.2016 2021
Deshmukh Deepak MadhukarMechanical EngineeringDr.M.ChandrasekaranMechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Bio Filler and Bio Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composite.2016 2021
Anuradha PEnglishDr.P.SureshReflection on Recognition: A Study on the Selected Novels of Alice Walker.20172021
Vyshnavi SainathBharathanatyamDr.S.Subbu Lakshmi Analysis of Rajkumar Bharathi’S Compositions for Bharathanatyam.2016 2021
Shaik Javed ParvezComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Arun A Hybrid Approach for Enhancing the Prediction Capabilities By Combining Deep Neural Network Multilayer Perceptron with Supervised Learning Algorithms for Data Analytics of Airline Customer Satisfaction.2014 2021
Belina V J Sara SComputer ScienceDr. K. KalaiselviAn Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease By Designing Advanced Feature Selection Algorithms and Combining with Classifiers.2017 2021
Prem Shankar MishraPharmacyDr. V. RavichandiranDesign, Synthesis and Evaluation of 2-Pyridone Derivatives As Anticancer Agent.20152021
Rajaa T R BCounselling Psychology - Management Studies (Inter - Disciplinary) Dr.N.PanchanathamA Study on Voters’ Behaviour for Political Leaders’ Managerial Decision.20152021
Bhuvaneswari DComputer ScienceDr.A.AkilaConductive Load Balancing & Suboptimal Path Based Traffic Management for Fog Environment.2017 2021
Sunitha PMathematics - Computer Science (Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.K.L.ShunmuganathanMulti Agent Based intelligent Channel Allocation for Wireless Local Area Network using Graph Coloring Algorithm.
Rajeswari NPublic Personnel Management – Bharathanatyam (Inter - Disciplinary) Dr.S.Subbu Lakshmi A Study on Time Management of Karaikudi Mani’S Laya Patterns in Bharathanatyam.20162021
Shaik RahamtulaElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr. T. JayaAn Enhancement Recognition Approach for Content Based Image Retrieval (Cbir) using Different Feature Extraction Techniques.2016 2021
Rathinasingaravelan GManagement StudiesDr.S.DuraisamyRole of Quality Management on Competitive Strategy and Organizational Performance in Automobile industries in and Around Chennai.2013 2021
Sambasiva Rao PuramClinical Research and Regulatory Affairs – Chemistry (Inter- Disciplinary)Dr. G. NithyaSimultaneous Determination of 7 Anti - Retrovirals (Lamivudine, Abacavir, Tenofovir, Tenofoviralafenamide, Efavirenz, Dolutegravir and Emtricitabine) in Human Plasma By Lc-Ms/Ms.2015 2021
Karthigeyan LManagement StudiesDr.S.DuraisamyA Study on the Perception of Students towards their B-Schools in Chennai : A Services Marketing Mix Based Approach.20132021
Subrata ChowdhuryComputer ScienceDr. P. MayilvahananIntegrated of internet of Things with Diseases in Medical insurance Policy.2017 2021
Angelin Jeba Malar JComputer ScienceDr. T. KamalakannanPredictive Analytics in Environmental Sensor Data using Enhanced Stacking Ensemble Machine Learning Model.2016 2021
Gayathri KCommerceDr. M. ThaiyalnayakiA Study on Causes of Attrition Among the Women Employees : in Selective It Companies in Chennai City.
2018 2021
Thileep Kumar KChemistryDr.Raghu SubashchandraboseDevelopment of Nano Structured Carbon Derived From Waste Resource for Energy Storage Application.20162020
Krishnamoorthy PComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathPerformance Analysis of Clinical Decision Support for Diabetic Patients using Rule Based K-Means Algorithm.2017 2020
Ramya MNano Science and Nanotechnology -
Chemistry (Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.R.A.KalaivaniA New Approach towards the Development of Microbial Fuel Cell.2014 2020
Ramya EComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathReducing End to End Delay Through Adaptive Greedy Technique for Wireless Body Area Sensor Network.20172020
Arunarani SComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathEfficient Multimodal Biometric System for Human Authentication using Deep Belief Network and Random forest Network.20172020
Sudarshan RComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.K.SrivatsaDefect Seepage Prediction in Each Phase of E-Commerce Sites and Reliability Assessment.20152020
Rajasekaran AMechanical EngineeringDr.R.PugazhenthiOptimization of Process Parameter for Superplastic forming of Al7075/Sicpcomposites.20182020
Vijayalakshmi PElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.RajendranStudy of Performance Analysis on Data Throughput and Bit Error Rate using Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Technique for any Underwater Acoustic Communication.2016 2020
Ganesan MComputer ScienceDr.P.MayilvahananA Prediction Model for Cybercrime in Social Media using Data Mining Techniques.20152020
Kalpana PChemistryDr.R.A.KalaivaniStudies on the Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Herbal Plants From
Heavy Metals Contaminated Soils.
Angeline Jeba DEnglishDr.P.SureshA Critical Study on the Impact of Triple Oppression and Its Emancipation in the Selected Works of Zora Neale Hurston, Ann Petry and Mariama Ba.20172020
Veena Prabavathy JZoology-Biochemistry
Dr.R.SangeethaAssociation Between Stress and Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Factory Workers: Evaluation using Clinical and Molecular Markers.20162020
Sathish Kumar GComputer Science Dr.S.PurushothamanAn Intelligent Route Rebuild in Manet using Neural Network.20142020
Revathy JEnglishDr.P.SureshThe Role of Indian Women in Decision Making and Its Impact: An Analytical Study on the Select Novels of Anita Nair, Shashi Deshpande and Kavery Nambisan20172020
Muthusamy PComputer Science and EngineeringDr.T.SheelaLight Weight Location Verification Protocol for Sybil Attack Detection in Manet20132020
Suman Rajest SEnglishDr.P.SureshReflections of Postmodern theories in the Select Novels of Thomas Pynchon.20172020
Ramesh GPharmacyDr. S.Sathesh KumarDesign and Development of Polymeric Nano-Carriers for Delivery of Cytotoxic Drugs Across Blood Brain Barrier.20142020
Suchismita BhattacharyaEnglishDr.P.Sureshthe Impact of Social Milieu, Social Unrest and Gender Discrimination on the Protagonists in the Select Plays of Mahesh Dattani.20172020
Gnanavel CMechanical EngineeringDr.R.SaravananParameter Optimization in Pcm Based Heat Exchanger for Pasteurization Process2016 2020
Praveen DPharmacyDr.M.Vijey AanandhiRole of Ascorbic Acid Versus Vitamin E Supplementation on Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Risk in Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus – A Randomized Placebo Controlled Study.2017 2020
Puvvada Ranadheer ChowdaryPharmacyDr.M.Vijey AanandhiRole of Vitamin B Supplementation on incipient Neuropathy in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus - A Randomized Controlled Trial.20112020
Nithya Kalyani JComputer ScienceDr. R. PriyaAnalysis and Prediction of Stress Factors Among Women Employees using Data Mining Techniques.20172020
Namrutha UElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr. Arun RaazaDesign and Performance Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antennas for Airborne Systems.20162020
Pushpalatha HCommerceDr.Chandran.MImpact of Corporate Rebranding on Service Quality of Commercial Banks – A Study
with Reference to Chennai City.
2018 2020
Tarke Santosh RangnathraoPharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramPhytochemical, Hptlc Analysis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Flowers of Ehretia Laevis Roxb..20152020
Geetha PPharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramAssociation of inflammatory Marker, Glycosylated Haemoglobin, Circulating Lipids with Microvascular Complications and Glycemic Control of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in South Indian Population.2016 2020
Jayakanth J JMechanical EngineeringDr.M.ChandrasekaranFault Detection and Diagnosis of Ball Bearing By using Psoc Embedded Design and Virtual instrumentation Work Bench.20142020
Ashok Kumar MPharmacyDr.P.Shanmugasundaram Implementation of A Customized Mobile Application to Improve Medication Adherence and therapeutic Outcomes in Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients of Tamil Nadu.20162020
Sharmila RCommerceDr.M.KavithaSocial Media Marketing - Business Growth and Its Impact on Customer Engagement.2017 2020
Natarajan KBiochemistryDr. R.SangeethaAnti-Diabetic and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Borassus Flabellifer Linn Root on Streptozotocin induced Diabetes in Rats.2018 2020
Subhashini SManagement StudiesDr.S.PreethaService Quality of Freight forwarders in Chennai - A Shipper'S Perspective.20172020
Suganiya MComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.ArunDevelopment of An intelligent Hybrid Driver Hypovigilance System.20172020
Dhanalakshmi SPharmacyDr.S.JayakumariStudies on Biomolecules Derived From Algae for Endometrial Cancer.2016 2020
Devi NBiochemistryDr.R.SangeethaAmeliorative Effect of the Leaves of Madhuca Longifolia on Adjuvant- induced Experimental Arthritis in Rats.20152020
Govindasamy KComputer ScienceDr.T.VelmuruganAnalyzing Students Behavioral Patterns in Learning Process using Random Swap Expectation Maximization Algorithm.20142020
Priya PCommerceDr.M.ChandranEffectiveness of Employee Participation in Decision Making - A Study with Special Reference to Manufacturing Companies in Greater Chennai.20182020
Sainath MalisettyManagement StudiesDr.K.Vasanthi KumariA Study on Deviant Behavior of Employees in It-industry.2015 2020
Majini Jes Bella KCommerceDr.M.ChandranDeterminants of Work-Life Balance of Women Executives - A Study with Reference to Banking and Telecom Services in Chennai.2017 2020
Vijay Kumar KComputer ScienceDr.K.Shyamala Ontology Based Semantic Analysis on Social Media Data for Efficient Disaster Management.2014 2020
Kavitha KComputer ScienceDr.G.Suseendran Priority Based Scheduling for Reliable Data Aggregation with Authentication in Iot Sensor Networks.2017 2020
Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch
Name of the DepartmentName of the Guide/sTitle of the ThesisYear of Registration
of the Scholar
Year of Award
of PhD/DM/M.Ch
Prigya GEnglishDr.P.SureshAn Important and Recurrent Component of Humanistic Perspectives in the Select Poems of Kamala Das, Jayanta Mahapatra and A.K. Ramanujan.20172020
Shaik Mastan ValiComputer ScienceDr.P.SujathaInvestigation of Location Based Social Networks for Friendship Prediction using Data Mining Framework.20152020
Jayanthi MCommerceDr.G.S.MaheswariImplementation and Effectiveness of Performance Management System in Automobile industry – A Study with Special Reference to Chennai City.2017 2020
Kosalai SCommerceDr.G.S.MaheswariEmployees Stress and Its Impact On Performance of Transport Employees - A Study with Special Reference to Metropolitan Transport Corporation Ltd. Chennai.20172020
Mukta JagdishComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.JerittaFeature Enhanced Automatic Image Change Detection for Oil Spills Management in Ocean using Satellite Image.20152020
Badal Dev RoyMechanical EngineeringDr.R.SaravananParameter Optimization in Turbo-Matching Problem .20152020
Thamizh Mozhi MPharmacyDr.D.NagavalliImmuno Modulatory Activity of Medicinal Plant Isolates of Operculina Turpethum.
2014 2020
Ramya KCommerceDr.S.Subramanian A Study On Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction of Information Technology Sector–with Special Reference to Chennai City .
Elavarasi SComputer ScienceDr.G.Suseendran Conceptual Framework and Machine Learning Approaches to Automatic Speech Recognition (Asr) for the Hearing Impaired.
2016 2020
Sarumathy SPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanEvaluation of the Impact of Prognostic Significance of Various Cardiac Risk Factors and Implementation of Effective Clinical Pharmacy Services in the Secondary Prevention of Myocardial infarction.2015 2020
Nithiya Soundari MMicrobiologyDr.Seeli BalajiGreen Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using the Leaves of Aegle Marmelos (L.) and Determination of Its Antibacterial Activity Against Aeromonas in Clarias Batrachus (L.).2012 2020
Parimala K SMicrobiology Dr.Seeli Balaji Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Aqueous Flower Extract of Couroupita Guianensis (Aubl.) and Its Antibacterial Activity Against Aeromonas Hydrophila infecting A Fresh Water Fish, Clarias Batrachus (L.).2012 2020
Sudhir K SadulChemistryDr. R.A.KalaivaniStudy of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Finished Dosage form.2012 2020
Omita YengkhomBiotechnologyDr.R.Dinakaran Michael Immunostimulatory and Disease Protective Properties of Selected-Macroalgal Polysaccharide Fraction in Oreochromis Niloticus.20112020
Vijayalakshmi SHome Management- Biochemistry
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.K.G.Kripa Anti-Arthritic and Antioxidant Efficacy of Blepharis Maderaspatensis (L.) Heyne Ex Roth in Adjuvant induced Arthritic Rats.2014 2020
Satyanarayana ViragandamPharmacyDr.S.JayakumariDevelopment and Standardization of Poly Herbal formulation for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.2015 2020
Naomi KTamilDr.M.Govindarajalu Meynaatarinjar Seekanpaulkuvin Tamilthondu.2012 2020
Ravichandran KComputer ScienceDr.S.Saravana KumarData Security in Mobile Cloud Computing by Mutual Cryptographic Schemes.20152020
Jijith U SPharmacyDr.S.JayakumariEstablishment of in Vitro-in Vivo Correlation for Some Pharmacological Screening Techniques.20152020
Mahalakshmi BComputer ScienceDr.G.SuseendranPrognosticating Zika Virus Disease and Hybrid Cryptosystem for Securing Healthcare Data in Cloud Storage”.
Senthil Kumar RComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Latha PathibanEnhanced Secure Sharing and Optimized Privacy Preservation of Encrypted Data Stored in Cloud.
Meena MElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.Rajendran Combined Spectrum Sensing and Resource Allocation for Proficient Transmission in ofdm Based Cognitive Radio Network with 5G.2015 2020
Kumudham RElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.V.Rajendran Development of Novel Post Processing Algorithm for the Enhancement of Underwater Sonar Images for High Resolution.2015 2020
Kamala Khannan S KManagement StudiesDr.P.Shalini Role of Emotional intelligence On Workplace Spirituality of Managers in Automobile industry with Reference to Kancheepuram District.2015 2020
Archana K SComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Arun Automatic Detection of Pathogens in Oryza Sativa using Modified K-Means Segmentation and Novel Support Vector Machine Based Probabilistic Neural Network.2015 2020
Mangayarkarasi SComputer ScienceDr.P.SujathaSecret Message Sharing in Online Social Network with Steganographic Techniques.
Sathish Kumar PElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.Arun Raaza Study of Different Malicious Attacks with Data Mining Techniques and Its Extraction of Knowledge using Various Machine Learning Models for intrusion Detection System.2015 2020
Senthil DComputer ScienceDr.G.SuseendranEfficient Time Series Data Classification using Sliding Window Technique Enhanced Support Vector Machine.20162020
Thyagaraj MComputer ScienceDr.G.SuseendranProficient Heart Diseases Prediction System with Aid of Artificial intelligence and Optimization Techniques.20162020
Kamali RMathematicsDr..G.Jayalalitha Existence and Analysis of Fractals in Human Horoscope and Ac Circuits.2016 2020
Selvam SComputer ScienceDr.P.Mayilvahanan Breast Cancer Diagnosis Through Data Mining Techniques.2012 2020
Latha MComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.Arun Computer Aided Diagnosis of Alzheimer’S Disease from Mri Images by Merging Sfta and Glcm Features.2014 2020
Prabha SManagement StudiesDr.G.Rajini Brand Preference towards Consumer Durable Household Electronic Products in Purchase Decision.20152020
Bhadrinarayanan JManagement StudiesDr.K.Maran Customers Perception On Branded Apparels – An Empirical Study with Reference to indian Mens Garments – indian Market.20132020
Gomathi KManagement StudiesDr.G.Rajini Effect of Ergonomics On Employee Well-Being and Retention in Garment industry.20162020
Vinita KumariManagement StudiesDr.S.Vasantha Impact of Occupational Stress On Job Performance with the Mediating Effect of Emotional intelligence and Resilience in the Banking industry2016 2020
Divya VComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathSecured Network Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Network using Twofish Cryptographic Technique.2017 2020
Sapna KumariManagement StudiesDr.P.ShaliniMeasuring the Relationship Quality and Determinants of Cross Buying intention in Banking Sector.2016 2020
Ramkumar AManagement StudiesDr.G.Rajini An Empirical Study On the Deployment of Social Media Networks & Human Resource Portals On E-Selection.2015 2020
Sankar MManagement StudiesDr.S.SudhaFactors influencing Satisfaction of Management Students’ in Higher Education.2017 2020
Kalaichelvi PComputer Science and EngineeringDr.T.SheelaIdentification of Perimeter Coverage of Blind Spot to Improve the Performance of WSN.20142020
Shylaja C SComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanIdentification and Prognosis of Lung Cancer by Multi Image Optimization Technique.20152020
Nirmala RComputer ScienceDr.S.PurushothamanIdentification of Microalgae using Intelligent Computing.2014 2020
Smita C ThomasComputer Science and EngineeringDr.Latha ParthibanUncompromised Query Services for Analyzing Adverse Drug Reactions in Pharmacovigilance.20152020
Shalini K SBiotechnologyDr.R.Dinakaran MichaelStudies On Immunoprophylactic Properties of Polysaccharide Fraction from indian Mistletoe, Dendrophthoe Falcata (L.F.) Ettingsh in Oreochromis Niloticus (Linnaeus).2014 2020
Nithya SPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanIdentification and Pharmacological Evaluation of Selected D-Amino Acid Along with D-Amino Acid Oxidase inhibitor in Learning and Memory.20152020
Ganesan SBiochemistryDr.R.SangeethaEvaluation of Biochemical Markers in Human Population Exposed to Coal.2015 2020
Deeparani UrolaginPharmacyDr.S.JayakumariStudy of Polyherbal formulation Based On Vitis Vinifera, Ixora Coccinea and Piper Longum for Anticancer Potential.20152020
Borgia Annie Catherine SComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaCloud Data Storage and Comparison using Advanced Enhanced Position Aware Sampling (AEPAS) Algorithm.2012 2020
Raja S GComputer ScienceDr.K.NirmalaImproved Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm and Detection of Brain Tumor using K-Nn Classification Model and Som of Data Mining.2014 2020
Sivagaami Sundari GChemistryDr.R.A.KalaivaniDevelopment of Advanced Electrode Material for Super Capacitor Applications.2015 2019
Amudha P Biochemistry Dr.V.VanithaAssessment of Hepato Protective Effect of the Seagrass – Enhalus Acoroides by Invitro, Invivo and Insilico Approach.2016 2019
Ebenezer Abishek BElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.Arun RaazaDesign, Development & Characterization of Conformal Antenna for Vehicular Satellite Communication.2015 2019
Selvanathan GManagement - Commerce
Dr. M.ChandranSuccess Factors of Sme Entrepreneurs in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts.20152019
Vivek PMechanical EngineeringDr.R.SaravananCritical Machine-Based Heuristic for Two Stage Hybrid Flow Shop Group Scheduling Problems.2015 2019
Piramu Preethika SkComputer ScienceDr.R.GobinathAn Energy Efficient Mobile Cloud off Loading Approach for ECG Signaling.20172019
Ramasubramanian SMechanical EngineeringDr.M.ChandrasekaranExperimental investigation and Analysis of Tar Reduction in Producer Gas for I.C. Engine using Nano Catalyst.

2015 2019
Balachandran M JComputer ScienceDr.P.SujathaMulti-Level Authentication for Accessing Cloud Services Through Rest API.

Gomathe MComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaKnapsack Homomorphism Map Cryptosystem and Three State Baum Sweet Sequence with Steganography for Secured Cloud Data Storage and Access.2015 2019
Vinitha KManagement StudiesDr.S.VasanthaEffect of information Communication Technology On Usage of Electronic Payment System and User Satisfaction.2017 2019
Pushpa Bharathi NBiotechnology - Biochemistry
(Inter - Disciplinary)
Dr.V.VanithaDeciphering the Effect of Cymodocea Serrulata Against Den induced Hepato Cellular Carcinoma in Wistar Albino Rats and Assessment of Its Anticancer Potential.2016 2019
Jadhav Varsharani ShankarChemistryDr.R.A.Kalaivani Fabrication of Graphene/Metal Ions Complex Modified Electrodes for Determination of Various Analytes.2015 2019
Arun Sundar MPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanA Neuroeconomic Study On the Melioration of Stressor-Provoked Neuro Degeneration and Dyscognition by 3,4-Dihydro Xyphenylethanol: Exposition of Multiple Signal Transduction Pathways.20142019
Cynthia Premalatha VEnglishDr.M.PrabakaranAssessing the Efficacy of Teaching Module Designed to Enhance the Clinical Case Presentation Skills of Student Nurses with Limited English Proficiency.2015 2019
Gunjegaonkar Shivshankar MalkarjunPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanPotential of Plant Stress Hormone Methyl Jasmonate in Cartilage Regeneration, inhibition of Cartilage Damage and It’s Related Molecular Mechanisms.20152019
Nathiya TComputer ScienceDr.G.SuseendranEfficient Cloud Based Hybrid Network Intrusion Detection System using Machine Learning Method in Virtual Network.20172019
Ramyasri M DCommerceDr.M.ChandranEffectiveness of Training and Performance Appraisal System in It Companies - A Study with Reference to Chennai City.
Chitra K NManagement StudiesDr.A.Chandra MohanThe Impact of Organisational Culture On Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.2014 2019
Vandhana RManagement StudiesDr.A.Chandra MohanInfluence of Organizational Climate On Employee Engagement with Reference to IT Sector in Bangalore.

2014 2019
Mahisha Sura MardhiniManagement StudiesDr.K.Maran A Study On Software Employee’S Retention Strategy: An Empirical Study with Reference to IT Sector in Chennai.20132019
Venkatragavan VCommerceDr.M.ChandranSequential Behaviour of Equity Market investors in Chennai City.20162019
Sajeev Ram AComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.ArunComputer Aided Detection of Minuscule Malignant Nodules from Ct Images of the Lungs.
2014 2019
Afshan KhanumComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.PurushothamanIntelligent Segmentation Technique for the Effective Identification of Lung Nodules in Computed tomography Images.2013 2019
Balakrishna RComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanDevelopment of Next Generation Imaging Technologies for Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer.20152019
Scholastica STamilDr.M.GovindarajaluAnnavin Nadagangalil Samuthaya Parvai.20132019
SobhaEconomicsDr.S.JansiraniA Study On Socio-Economic Impact of tourism in andaman and Nicobar Islands.2012 2019
Sridevi SComputer Science and EngineeringDr.R.AnandanReciprocation of intelligent Malicious Node in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Kasturi KComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaMachine Learning Based Hybrid Meta Classification Model to Predict the Impact of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Symptoms in Asthma.2015 2019
Jeyalaksshmi SComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaVideo Retrieval using Human Emotions.20142019
Vinod Kumar TMechanical EngineeringDr.M.ChandrasekaranStudy On Properties, Processing and Characterization of Newly formulated Nano Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite .2015 2019
Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch
Name of the DepartmentName of the Guide/sTitle of the ThesisYear of Registration
of the Scholar
Year of Award
of PhD/DM/M.Ch
Geetha SManagement StudiesDr.R.MageshA Study on the Relationship of innovation Leadership and innovation Culture at it Organisations.2014 2019
Varsha BBiotechnologyDr.G.KathiravanStudy of Anticancer Activity of Enhanced Compounds of Pestalotiopsis Stellata.20112019
Hemalatha C NPharmacyDr.M.Vijey AanandhiA Rational Approach To Target Proteins for Efficient Anti Cancer therapy By Perylene Di Imide Derivatives.20152019
Abirami KComputer ScienceDr.P.MayivahananDiscovering User Navigation Prediction Based On Web User Pattern Behavior Using Clustering Techniques in Web Usage Mining.20152019
Kalaivany SComputer Science and EngineeringDr.T.NaliniAn Efficient Re-Encrypted Cryptosystem To Protect Data Security and Confidentiality in Cloud Storage .2013 2019
Arockia Ranjini AComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.ArunAn Effective Energy and Performance Management of Cloud Datacenters Using Virtual Machine Consolidation.20142019
Jayalakshmi MBiochemistryDr.V.VanithaIsolation and Characterisation of Bioactive Compound from Penaeus Vannamei Shell and Assessment of Its Biological Activity By in Vitro and in Silico Approach.20162019
Baskaran SInformation Technology– Electronics and Communication Engineering (Inter – Disciplinary)Dr.J.Arputha Vijaya SelviAn Energy Efficient Protocol Based On Trust and Reputation for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.20152019
Shankar Sheshu RPharmacyDr.P.ShanmugasundaramRapid, Sensitive and Simple Analytical Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Saquinavir and Phenytoin in Human Plasma.2012 2019
Thangamma N GComputer ScienceDr.S.PrasannaDesign and Developemnt of Medical Image Processing Techniques and To Study their Application Using Graphical System Design in Ovarian Cancer.2015 2019
Tamilselvan CEnglishDr.R.VenkatramanExistentialism in the Select Novels of Saul Bellow.2013 2019
Subashini SBiotechnologyDr.K.G.Kripa“In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect of Extracts of Gracilaria Corticata”.20132019
Senthilkumar EChemistryDr.R.A.Senthil Kumar /Dr.R.A.KalaivaniSynthesis and Characterization of Graphene Based Materials and Its Electrochemical Applications.2013 2019
Saradha JComputer ScienceDr.P.SujathaAutomated Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis Using Hybrid Classifier Model.20142019
Pandimeenal PTamilDr.K.KamalaRamanathapura Mavatta Nattuppura Vilaiyattugal.2016 2019
Bharathi KManagement StudiesDr.S.SudhaEnvironmental Stimuli influence On Purchase Behaviour of Young Consumers With Reference To Apparel industry.20152019
Rajalakshmi KBiotechnologyDr.N.BanuScreening for Bioactivities of Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin from Mimosa Pudica L. With Special Reference To in Vitro Antiproliferative Effect On Human Liver Cancer Cell Line Hepg2.2012 2019
Sivasankar VChemistryDr.R.A.KalaivaniSynthesis of Graphene by Chemical and Electrochemical Routes and their Applications.2013 2019
Kiruthika NMicrobiology-Nano Science (Inter-Disciplinary)Dr.T.SomanathanSynthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles Towards Biological Activity.20142019
Shanmugam MChemistryDr.T.SomanathanBiodiesel Synthesis from Heterogeneous Catalyst Utilizing Waste Cooking Oil and Animal Fat.2013 2019
Kanchana ArunManagement StudiesDr.S.SudhaA Study On Employee Creativity At Luxury Hotels in Chennai.2014 2019
Ragothaman NCommerce-Management Studies(Inter - Disciplinary)Dr.S.VasanthaImpact of Market Stimuli and External Stimuli On Purchase Decision of Consumers of Steel in Tamil Nadu 2014 2019
Mohamed Zerein Fathima MPharmacyDr.T.S.ShanmugarajanBio Medical Potential of Hinokitiol Against Diethyl Nitrosamine induced Hepatocarcinogenesis.2014 2019
Indra K RMathematicsDr.S.LavanyaOptimization Techniques in Crossover and Mutation of Genetic Algorithm.2014 2019
Shanthi CComputer ScienceDr.M.S.JosephineFeature Mapping and Detecting Data inconsistencies in Cross Platform Mobile Application.2014 2019
Ravikumar DElectronics and Communication EngineeringDr.Arun RaazaComputational Analysis for Segmentation of Cdna Microarray Image Using Genetic Algorithm Approach.20132019
Sharavanan SMechanical EngineeringDr.B.Vijaya RamnathExperimental Analysis of Mechanical and Wear Behaviour of Natural Fibre Composites.2014 2019
Archana R VManagement StudiesDr.K.VasanthikumariSocio Economic Status As A Predictor of Social Entrepreneurship intention With Mediating Effects of Authentic Leadership Style and Emotional intelligence.20142019
Ponni JComputer Science and EngineeringDr.K.L.ShunmuganathanAutomatic Speech Recognition and instant Translation Using Multi Agent System and Data Mining .20132019
Manas Ranjan RathManagement StudiesDr.VasanthaEffectiveness of Emotional intelligence On the Job Performance of Employees in Public Sector Steel industries With Organisational interventions As A Mediating Variable.2014 2019
Rincy Merlin MathewComputer Science and EngineeringDr.S.PurushothamanVegetation Identification in Remote Sensed Images.2013 2019
Manimaran AMechanical EngineeringDr.V.MuthuramanInvestigation of Strategies for Barrier Impact Mitigation in Green Supply Chain Management and Adoption of Gscm Practices.2014 2019
Viswanathan KComputer ScienceDr.MayivahananA Predictive Model for Heart Disease Using Classification Techniques in Data Mining.20152019
Kamala Saranya RManagement StudiesDr.S.DuraisamyThe Implications of Training On Facet of Performance Enhancement: A Study On Automobile Sector Employee’S in Chennai Region.20132019
Manimalar RManagement StudiesDr.S.SudhaConsumer Buying Behaviour of Personal Care Products Towards Csr initiatives.2014 2018
Manikandan MManagement StudiesDr.N.ThangavelDynamic and Multi-Dimensional Risk Management of Construction Projects.2013 2018
Yogananth SManagement StudiesDr.N.ThangavelProject Planning and Control Management in Oil and Gas industries.2013 2018
Raghunathan CManagement StudiesDr.K.S.ChandraekarOrganizational Climate: A Comparative Study Between Public and Private
Sector Organizations in Kerala.
Fabian Andrew JamesManagement StudiesDr.S.SudhaShift Work On the Family Life and Turnover intention of Married Employees.2014 2018
Charles Arockia RajComputer Science Dr.P.MayilvahananA Novel Next Generation Encryption (NGE) as a Water Mark in Achieving Authentication Security for Mobile AD- HOC Network.2014 2018
Rohini KComputer Science Dr.SuseendranA Novel Decision Tree Based Approach for Predicting the Severity of Obstructive and Restrictive Lung Diseases Using Spirometry Data in Association with Environment and Genetic Factors.20092018
Ashwini SBiotechnologyDr.K.RajagopalEnumeration of Endophytic Fungi from Medicinal Climbers and Screening their Extract for Bioactivity.
2012 2018
Vinodh P VijayanComputer Science and EngineeringDr.N.KumarImproving Network Lifetime and coverage of Robotic sensors in wireless networks.2013 2018
Anandhi GComputer Science Dr.S.K.SrivatsaImproved Multicasting in Mobile Adhoc Networks.20132018
Varghese S ChooralilComputer Science and EngineeringDr.N.KumarImproving Semantic Data Analysis Via Key Frame Extraction and Sentimental
Divergence Classification.
2013 2018
Nalina BManagement StudiesDr.N.PanchanathanUnderstanding the Complexities of Internal Communication in a Multinational Organization.20102018
Aabid Hussain NaikCommerceDr.M.ChandranCorporate Social Responsibility and Its Effects On Employee Performance- A Study With Reference to IT Companies in Chennai City.2014 2018
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