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Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD)


  • Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) has been established to promote research among faculty members, research scholars and students.
  • The primary objective of CARD is to create a research culture among the stakeholders. A structured cadre has been established for promoting research.
  • A strong contingent of 45 persons belonging to all disciplines such as Engineering, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic Sciences, and Management are devoting their full time on research and development.
  • The team is working on Wind and Solar energy, Environmental engineering, Alternative fuel, Nano-technology, Plant  tissue culture, Animal Biotechnology, Fish Immunology, Stem cell research, Drug designing & Drug testing, Digital Innovations, Bigdata Analytics, Virtualisation, etc.,


The CARD is dedicated to develop advanced concepts and methods for complex problems, and pursuing solutions at the interfaces between fields through wide-ranging collaborations, conversations and educational programs.

The centre is committed to achieving its mission using innovative science, technology, education and Management, strategies having high impact for all stakeholders.


The CARD is an inter-disciplinary research community that expands the boundaries of scientific understanding.

It aims to discuss, Comprehend and communicate the common fundamental principles in complex physical, computation, biological and social systems that underlie many of the most profound problems facing sciences and society today.

Principles and Values

  • Research will be applied innovative and of high quality.
  • Research will be interdisciplinary and collaborative.
  • Research findings will be widely disseminated.
  • The center will provide a congenial and nurturing environment.
  • The center’s policies and procedures will be transparent.
  • Evaluation of the center’s activities will be frequent and transparent.
  • The predominant aim of the university is to promote research and add something substantial to the existing quantum of knowledge.
  • In keeping with this tradition, our university promotes research and consultancy apart from the conduct of classes, lab.
  • Experiments and hands-on training in various disciplines. Many steps have been taken to encourage research.
  • One such step is the establishment of CARD. To motivate the students for research our University provides adequate opportunities.
  • The laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated equipment and other required infrastructure.
  • A starter Grant is provided by the university for those teachers who can initiate research.
  • All facilities are provided to prepare and submit major projects for funding agencies. Consultancy work is encouraged by offering 50% share to the staff involved in consultancy.
  • University has subscribed to 11,717 e-journals to encourage research activities. The effort towards research and consultancy has resulted in the publication of quality research papers.

Members of the CARD

  • Dr. A. Jothi Murugan, Vice President (Planning & Development), Chairman, CARD
  • Dr. S. Sriman Narayanan, Vice Chancellor / Vice Chairman CARD

Core members

1.Dr. P. Magesh Kumar, Managing Director, Calibsoft Technology, Chennai
2. Dr. P. Swaminathan, Advisor, Accredition and Assesments
3.Dr. E.N. Ganesh - Dean, Research Projects & Consultancy
4.Dr. P.R.Ramakrishnan, Dean, School of Management Studies & Commerce
5. Dr. S.Ambika Kumari, Dean, School of Law
6. Dr. A. Balasubramaniam, Dean, Academic Research
7. Dr. M. Chandrasekaran – Dean, Academic Courses
8. Dr. C. Dhanasekaran, Dean, Campus Planning & Development, School of Engineering
9. Dr. S. Arun, Director, IQAC
10.Dr. P.Shanmugha Sundaram, Director, Industry Collaborations (Science & Engineering)
11.Dr. V. Rajendran, Director , Department of ECE, School of Engineering
12. Dr. S.Satheesh Kumar, Director, Research Publications
13. Dr. Kathireshan AK, Director, School of Life Sciences
14. Dr. Arun Razaa – Deputy Director, CARD
15.Dr. M. Vijey Anandhi – Asso. Director, Research Projects & Consultancy
(Life Sciences & Pharmacy)
16.Dr. S. Jerritta, Assoc. Director, Academic Courses (AICTE / PCI / DGS)
17.Dr. S. Prasanna – HoD ,Computer Applications, School of Computing Sciences
18.Dr. B. Prakash, Associate Director, Value Added Courses
19.Dr. Radha Mahendran, Assoc. Director, Seminar & Conferences
20.Dr. T. Elango – HoD, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering
21. Dr. T. Somanathan, Associate Prof., Department of Chemistry, School of Basic Sciences
22.Dr. A. M. Shanmugharaj, Senior Scientist, Centre for Energy and Alternative Fuels
23. Dr.S.Vasantha – Professor, Department of Management Studies, School of Management Studies & Commerce
24. Dr. R. A. Kalaivani – Dean, School of Basic Sciences, Member Secretary

Role of CARD Members
I. Projects
1. Dr. Dr.E.N.Ganesh, Dean, Research Projects & Consultancy, Member
2. Dr. M.Vijey Aanandhi, Associate Director, Research Projects & Consultancy
(Life Sciences & Pharmacy), Member
3. Dr.D.Akila , Associate Director, Research Projects & Consultancy
(Basic Sciences & Computing Sciences) , Member
II. Patents
1. Dr.R.A.Kalaivani, Dean, IPR & Patents, Member
2. Dr. T. Elango – HoD, Civil Engineering, Member.
1. Dr. P.R.Ramakrishnan, Dean, School of Management Studies & Commerce, Member
2. Dr.G.Rajini, Director, Institutional Collaborations & MoUs, , Member
3. Dr. S. Prasanna – HoD, Computer Applications, Member
IV. Publications
1. Dr. M. Chandrasekaran – Dean, Academic Courses, Member
2. Dr. S. Arun, Director, IQAC, Member
3. Dr. S.Satheesh Kumar, Director, Research Publications
V. Consultancy
1. Dr. P.Shanmugha Sundaram, Director, Industry Collaborations (Science & Engineering), Member
2. Dr. Arun Razaa – Deputy Director, Research and Development, Member
VI. Vels Research Fellowship
1. Dr. Dr. A. BalaSubramaniam, Dean, Academic Research, Member


S.No.Name of the SchoolScopus &
UGC Approved Journals (CARE)
1School of Pharmaceutical Sciences57827
2School of Life Sciences34146
3School of Basic Sciences416111
4School of Engineering1121208
5School of Maritime Studies3437
6School of Management Studies & Commerce739447
7School of Computing Sciences712252
8School of Hotel & Catering Management5312
9School of Mass Communication1436
10School of Physiotherapy2722
11School of Languages4926
12School of Law12
13School of Education2696
14School of Ocean Engineering1510
15School of Music & Fine Arts1-
16Centre for Advanced Materials Research, Energy & Alternative Fuels, CARD, CIL8-


Dr. Kalaivani.R.A

Dean, IPR & Patents

Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS),

PV Vaithiyalingam Rd, Velan Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 117, Tamil Nadu, India

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