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Centre of Automation and Power Conservation

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Name of the Company Incubated & Collaborated:

Arcomm Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Faculty Start Up

Title of Ongoing Project:

Building Power Conservators and Auto Controller

University Representative:

Dr Arun Raaza Dy.Director/Research & Development

Company Representative:

R. Indira / Chairman of Arcomm Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd


ATMs in AC run 24/7 for 365 days. Huge amount of power is wasted during unwanted night hours. In the year 2016, January month our faculty Dr Arun Raaza addressed this problem in State Bank of India LHO, Nungambakkam and after several meetings he was asked to provide solution for the same. Our University appreciated Dr Arun Raaza’s idea of power conservation by providing him space for running a start up and addressing the problem of power wastage across ATM consoles. He then innovated ATM autocontroller to address the power wastage issue which is now highly acclaimed by nationalized banks.

The device was initially installed at PBB LHO ATM and Shankar Nethralaya ATM, Nungambakkam and proved its efficient working by conserving 8 units of electricity per day per ATM respectively. This device provides alternate channeling between multiple loads and cuts off the loads at required time (22:00 to 06:00 hrs is recommended). This device saves up to 8- 10 electrical units per day per ATM (Proven and appreciated by AGM ATM, LHO). Recently this device has been upgraded to its second version i.e. ARCOMM ATM Auto Controller Version- 2 with added extra features which allows us to automate not only the ACs in the ATM console but also the lights and board lights, further supporting ‘Over Head Reduction’. This further saves 2-3 units per ATM console per day. By cutting off the power to the ACs during 22:00 to 06:00 hrs (8 hrs), the production of highly harmful ‘Green House Gases’ by AC’s is prevented which depletes the ozone layer thus preventing ‘Global Warming’. By reducing the working hours of the loads connected to our device, the load’s longevity is improved. Now the device can conserve around 10- 12 units of electricity per day per ATM and an average of 3000-9000 rupees per ATM per EB bill cycle (proven).

Through our researches, there are around 2, 50,000 ATMs in India. By reducing the usage time of the ACs and lights in the ATM consoles alone we can save around 600 crore rupees for the Banks and 60 crore Electrical units to Govt. of India It is a known factor that even now there is no electricity in many isolated villages in India. By conserving this huge amount of electricity from ATMs alone, all those villages can be benefited. As of now, this device is working and saving energy in an enormous amount in over 1200+ ATMs of State Bank of India and Indian Bank.

This is a Made in India product invented by Dr. Arun Raaza in the aim of protecting our environment and conserving energy as well. The device is highly appreciated by State Bank of India and Indian Bank.

How to contact the Centre?

Chennai – 600 117, Tamil Nadu, India