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Centre of Excellence in MATLAB

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The Centre of Excellence in MATLAB was launched with the idea of facilitating interdisciplinary research by promoting collaboration and partnership among the various disciplines of the Institution. This center provides the technical support for the students, research scholars and faculties to analyze data, develop algorithms and mathematical models using MATLAB Software, a high performance fourth generation programming language which is used for high performance numerical computation and visualization.

The Centre is facilitated by Campus-Wide License of MATLAB which provides unlimited use of MATLAB and Simulink to all VISTAS students, faculty, staff, and researchers, on and off campus, on any device. Students and Faculty also avail the MATLAB Online facility, which allows the usage of the software without downloading and installing on the host system.

Various research works are being conducted in this Centre providing an excellent mix of multiple disciplines, thus providing a good forum for engineers, scientists, biologists, medical professionals and service users to exchange ideas and develop new research ventures. This Centre also conducts Technical Sessions to equip the faculty and students of VISTAS on megatrends and topics based on the interest and requirement.

The Centre also has access to various self-paced online courses provided by MATLAB Academy, which are at par with the industrial standards. Experts from MATHWORKS are readily available and connected with the students and faculty to guide and partner with various research projects.


Dr. S. Jerritta, M.E., Ph. D, Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Dr. V. Jayalakshmi, MCA., MPhil., NET, SET., Ph.D., Professor, Computing Sciences

Dr. Radha Mahendran M.Sc., M.Tech., PhD, Professor, Bioinformatics

Dr. S. Arun  M.E., Ph. D, Professor , Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. R. Priya M.C.A., M.Phil., P.hD, Professor, Computing Sciences

Dr. K. Kalaivani M. E., Ph. D, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. R.J. Hemalatha M.Tech., Ph.D, Associate professor,  Biomedical Engineering

Dr. S. Pradeep Kumar, M. E., Ph. D, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering