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About the Department

In 2012, the School of Mass Communication launched a unique and comprehensive employment-oriented programme – B.Sc Animation. The department includes Advanced Animated Laboratory, Shooting floor, Dubbing and Editing Studio.

B.Sc. in Animation is a specialized programme that seeks  to sensitize  students with all the nuances of the media and entertainment industry. Its broad area covers an array of multi-disciplinary subjects and its applications are in innumerable interrelated professions. Students on  completion of this course will be able to work on various visual platforms like digital and non-digital imagery, multimedia, film and television, printing and publication.

The aim of the programme is to equip  students to see things with the eye of an animator. It makes them understand the language of the visuals and help communicate effectively in various animated formats. A combination of papers grounded in theory and practical help the students to acquire necessary professional training required to enter the field of animation.



To be a  leading department to produce  highly professional Industry oriented Designers, Animators & Artists.


The mission of the Animation programme at VISTAS is to maintain a high-quality study plan that delivers state-of-the-art knowledge and hands on training in the Animation Industry. Also, the department  intends to emphasize on excellence in teaching and partnership with industry. The programme proposes to enable students to achieve mastery in the area of Graphic Design, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion graphics, Visual Effects and  Gamedesign. Production needs as they do prevail outside  are kept in mind to shape up learners in Graphics,Animation and Visual Effects.

  • B.Sc Animation

Faculty-Student Ratio: 1:30

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