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Department of Commerce (Accounts & Finance) and (Corporate Secretaryship)

About the Department

Commerce, one of the most sought after programmes in VISTAS was introduced in the year 1993-94 with 10 students. The milestone in the history of Vels College was when it was  promoted into Vels University in 2008-09. The Department of Commerce Commerce is a dedicated department that ensures vibrant learning environment and offers rigorous academic programme. The department  blends imagination and learning with creativity and innovation and instills the teaching – learning process  in students and teachers  that unites excellence with humanity. The faculty are branded for their expertise in Accounts and finance, marketing and organizational behaviour.

The department caters to those aspiring to be CFOs and CAs in providing the right subjects in  right proportions and ably guided by a set of experienced and highly motivating faculty. 

The Department of Accounting and Finance provides students with the Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a substantial degree  of specialization in the fields of accounting and finance. This programme is particularly suitable for those who wish to pursue a career in finance, most commonly the  CA/CWA aspiring students. This is mainly due to the course content, where greater emphasis is laid on such subjects that would help them develop a career in these fields.

Vision & Mission


This department aspires to be wholly employment oriented with professional possibilitiestogether  with excellence in the fields of business.


The Department of Accounting and Finance has plans to design a purpose oriented curriculum with subjects that assume importance day by day.The faculty work for making the Degree offered on par with professional qualifications,otherwise acquired by students after their degree.

List of Courses


  • B.Com (Accoutnts & Finance) 
  • B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)




Faculty-Student Ratio: 1: 30



Sl.No. Name of the faculty Name of the award/ Recognition Year Agency grantee
1 Dr.S.VennilaShree Digital Teacher

Resource Person



ICT Academy

S.A.Arts& Science College

2 Dr.G.S.Maheshwari Guest of Honour 2020 Santhi Jain College