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Faculty in School of Management Studies


Sl NoName of the Faculty MemberDesignationArea of SpecializationQualificationYears of ExperiencePublicationsPhotos
1Dr.P.R.RamakrishnanProfessor & Dean Corporate finance, Financial Management,Risk ManagementM.Com,MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D.3985
2Dr.S.PreethaProfessorFinance & CSRM.B.A, M.Phil., NET, Ph.D.2843
Dr.G.RajiniProfessor& HeadHuman Resource ManagementMBA ,Ph.D2688
4Dr.S.SudhaProfessorHuman resource management & AccountingM.Com., M.B.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D2263
5Dr.S.Chandra ChudProfessorHealth Economics, Labour Economics, Business Economics, Mathematical Economics, Women Entrepreneurship, SEZ, FDI and Econometrics.M.A, M.Phil., MCA., SLET, Ph.D, D.Sc.,2596
6Dr. Premraj .HProfessorFinance
M.A (Yoga), M.Com., M.Phil, MBA (Mktg.), MBA(Fin), Ph.D3311
7Dr.P.G.ThirumagalAsso. ProfessorFinance, Analytics, StatisticsM.B.A., M.Phil., NET Ph.D1852
8Dr.G.MadhumitaAsso. ProfessorHRM & MarketingM.B.A, SET, PGDPMIR, PGDRM, Ph.D1850
9Dr.Ashok Kumar KattaAsso. ProfessorBanking and Insurance ManagementM.Com., M.B.A., Ph.D., (Post Doc)16101
10Dr. M. KotteeswaranAsso. ProfessorEntrepreneurship, Hr & MarketingMBA.,M.Phil., Ph.D219
11Dr.D.Anitha KumariAsso. ProfessorHRM & SystemsMBA, M.A.,M.Phil, Ph.D1477
Dr.Veeramani.GAsso. ProfessorHRM / MarketingMBA, Ph.D., NET /SLET1025
13Dr.Amutha.GAsso. ProfessorHR, FinanceMBA.,M.Phil.,,Ph.D206
14Dr.Kabirdoss DeviAsso. ProfessorFinanceMBA., Ph.D., SET2045
Dr. Chandramouli.SAsso. ProfessorHRMMBA., Ph.D.,1916
16Dr.S.PoonguzhaliAsso. ProfessorImage Processing and Data MiningM.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.1520
17Dr.V.SumalathaAsso. ProfessorMachine LearningPh.D,SET1545
18Dr. C. SaraswathyAssistant professorFinanceM. Com , M. B. A, M. Phil, Ph. D1340
19Dr.R.PremalathaAssistant professorMicro Economics & Financial EconomicsM.A. M.Phil. Ph.D. SET732
Dr.Suvarna RaagavendaranAssistant professorManagerial Economics & Women StudiesM.A. M.Phil. Ph.D. SET,NET528
21Dr.M. Prabhakar Christopher DavidAssistant professorFinance, Marketing, CSR, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development & Creating Shared ValueM.B.A., NET, (Ph.D)153
22Dr.K.Sankar SinghAssistant professorManagement StudiesM.Sc., M.Phil, MBA,PG Dip Operation Research, Ph.D198
23Dr.Sasikumar.PAsso. ProfessorFinance & Research MethodologyMBA, Ph.D55
24Dr.Ruby Evangelin.MAssistant professorFinanceMBA, M.Phil, NET,Ph.D.7.510
25Dr.Jayanthi.VAsso. ProfessorFinanceM.COM., M.PHIL.,MBA SET, Ph D.,1810
26Dr.GokulaKrishnan.AAsso. ProfessorManagementMBA, Ph.D1213
27Dr.Vetrivel.VAssistant professorMarketingMBA, M.Phil, Ph.D1018
28Dr.R.V.SuganyaAssistant professorFinanceM.Com.,MPhil, Ph.D, MBA, B.Ed1157
29Dr.N.JayanthiAssistant professorFinanceM.B.A., Ph.D., SET155
30Dr.Narmadha.AAssistant professorFinanceMBA, M.COM M.phil,PhD., NET166
31Ms.Priyadharshini.RAssistant professorMarketingMBA,M.phil,(Ph.D)76
32Ms. J. SherliAssistant professorFinanceM.Com., M.Phil, MBA,SET, MA610
33Mrs. P C SaranyaAssistant professorHR, Marketing & FinanceB.Tech.,B.L.,DLL.,Arb.,MBA.,NET, (Ph.D)25
34Mrs. R. RaajalakshmiAssistant professorHR & SystemsMBA., M.Phil., (Ph.D)812
35Ms.V.VardhiniAssistant professorFinance & MarketingM.B.A., NET, (Ph.D)817
36Mr. Prince LazarusAdjunct FacultyLogistics and Operations ManagementMBA, PGDM17.51
37Mr. VallinayagamAdjunct FacultyLogistics and Operations ManagementM.S. - OPERATIONS (BITS PILANI) PGDBM (MADRAS) CHARTED ENGINEER (INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS - INDIA)331
38Dr.Karthigeyan LakshmananAdjunct FacultyLogistics and Supply chain ManagementPhd, MBA, M.Phil28.57
39Mrs. N.NandhiniAdjunct FacultyLogistics and Supply chain ManagementM.Com, MBA, PGDSM271
40Dr.Susithra.SAdjunct FacultySupply chain Management and logisticsM.Sc,M.B.A, Ph.D153


Sl. No.Name of the FacultyDesignationEducational QualificationArea of SpecializationExperience in YearsNo. of PublicationPhotos
1Dr.Chandran.MProfessor & HoD
M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., Ph.D.Marketing, HRM, HRD, Finance and OB2978
2Dr.Vennilaa Shree.SProfessor & HoD
M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.DFinance, Auditing, HRM, SHRM, HRD, Entrepreneurial Development and Organisational Behaviour2741
(CA), M.ED.,M.L.I.S.,M.Phil (Edn)., Ph.D., M.B.AManagement Accounting ., Entrepreneurial Development348
4Dr..Maheswari.G.SProfessorM.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.HRM, Organisational Behaviour & HRD2357
5Dr.M.ThaiyalnaykiProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.DFinance, HRM, Supply Chain Management , Marketing3345
6Dr. C. GanesanProfessorM.Com. M.Phil., MBA, Ph.D Finance, Marketing, HRM, HRD, and OB1618
7Dr.Meenakshi.AAssociate ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., MBA.,PGDCA Ph.DMarketing, Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting1532
8Dr. V. AndalAssociate ProfessorM.Com. M.Phil. Ph.D(2018), SETMarketing, HRM, HRD, Finance and OB1423
9Dr.A.IrudhayarajAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil, Ph.DTamil416
10Ms.A.BanupriyaAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil, (Ph.D)English47
11Ms.R.SindhuAssistant ProfessorM.A.,M.Phil,(Ph.D)English Literature47
12Ms. J. Josepin SunanthaAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D.)English Literature61
13Mrs.M.NagalakshmiAssistant ProfessorM.Com., (Ph.D)English Language Teaching27
14Dr.A.KrishnanProfessorM.Com., M.Phil, Ph.DCommerce1713
15Dr.C.ChitraProfessorM.Com., M.Phil, Ph.DCommerce1413
16Dr.Meenakshi.SAssociate ProfessorM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.Maths124
17Dr.Vennila Fathima Rani.SAssociate ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D. Marketing,Human resource management1334
18Dr.K.KalaiselviAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M.Phil, Ph.DAccounts, Taxation & HRM636
19Mr.Prabhakar Christopher David.MAssistant ProfessorM.B.A., NET, (Ph.D)Finance, Marketing, CSR, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development & Creating Shared Value153
20Ms.P.SunanthaAssistant ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil, (Ph.D)MARKETING510
21Ms. S. SHASHILAAssistant ProfessorB.Com, M.Com., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Marketing84
22Ms. P. SWATHI PRADEEBAAssistant ProfessorB.Com., M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil., (Ph.D)Marketing32
Dr.P.VijayashreeAsistant ProfossorM.Com., M.A(ENG) ., B.Ed., Ph.D.Finance, Human Resource ManagementNil8
24Dr.K. Majini Jes BellaAsistant ProfossorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., P.G.I.THuman Resource Management910
Dr.M.D.Ramya SriAsistant ProfossorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.Human Resource Management1 (8 Months)3
26Dr.G.KalpanaAsistant ProfossorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., PGDCAHuman Resource Management, Finance and Marketing223
27Dr.D.ElumalaiAsistant ProfossorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.Human Resource Management, Finance and Marketing3(6 Months)5
28Ms. U.V. SuriyapiraiAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil., SETEnglish33
29Ms.H.KalaivaniAssistant ProfessorM.A.,M.Phil, (Ph.D)English45
30Mr. R. RamakrishnanAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D)English63
31Ms. S. SaikripaAssistant ProfessorM.A., (Ph.D)English83
32Dr.Kavitha.MProfessorM.Com., M.Phil. M.B.A., PGDCA, SET, Ph.D., Income Tax, Corporate Accounting, Marketing, Financial Management, HRM, Business Environment, Business Law, Cost and Management Accounting2072
33Mr.Charles Rabinson.GAssistant ProfessorM.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., (Ph.D)Maths124
34Ms.P.VanithaAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M.Phil, (Ph.D)Accounting and Finance714
Dr.Thirumurthi Raja.AAssistant ProfessorM.C.A., Ph.D.Image Processing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence1316
Dr.Kannadasan.VAssistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil., NET, Ph.D.Tamil1028
36Dr. V. ShanthiAssistant ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil. M.B.A., DCA, SET, Ph.D., Marketing, HRM, HRD, OB, FM1416
37Dr.T.SujathaAssistant ProfessorM.Com.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,MBA.,M.Sc(Psy) MSW.,PGDPMIR.,Ph.DHuman Resource, Marketing 2821
38Dr. M. PrathapanAssociate ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., SET., D.Co-op., Ph.D.,Human Resource Mangement, Organisational Bhaviour and Marketing, Income Tax1820

Accounting and Finance

S.NoName of the FacultyDesignationEduational QualificationArea of specializationExperienceVidwan IDPhotos
1Dr. C. ShaliniProfessor &HeadM.Com, M. Phil., SLST., Ph. D.,Marketing,HRM,Finance30 years
2Dr. G. S. MaheswariProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., B. Ed., Ph. D.,Marketing,HRM,Finance28 years252928
3Dr. M. ThaiyalnayakiProfessorM.Com,B.Ed M. Phil.,, Ph. D., NETMarketing, HRM,FINANCE Supply Chain Management34 years234125
4Ms. J. SherliAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., MBA., M.A., SET., (Ph. D).,Marketing,HRM,Finance7 years251549
6Dr. V. AndalAssociate ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., MBA., SET.,Ph. D.,Marketing, HRM,FINANCE16 YEARS173333
7Dr. V. ShanthiAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., MBA., DCA., SET.,Ph. D.,Marketing,HRM,Finance18 YEARS
8Dr. T. SujathaAssistant ProfessorM.Com,B.Ed.,M. Phil., MBA., M.SC(Psy). MSW, PGDPMIR., Ph. D.,Marketing, HRM,FINANCE15251484
9Ms. K. GayathriAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., SET., CMA(inter)

Computer Applications

S.NoName of the FacultyDesignationEduational QualificationArea of specializationExperienceVidwan IDphoto
1Dr. M. ChandranProfessor &HeadM.Com, M. Phil., MBA., Ph. D.,Marketing, HRM,FINANCE,HRD,ED30 Years
2Dr. M. KavithaProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., MBA., PGDCA.,SET.,Ph. D.,Marketing, HRM,FINANCE,HRD22 Years
3Dr. E. Brindha DeviAssistant professorM.Com, M.Phil,Ph.DHRM, MARKETING8 years312816
4Dr. S. Sayeedha JabeenAssistant ProfessorM.Com, Phd,,M.Ed,M.A(Economic), M.SC(Counseling) Global Certified CounsellorMarketing, HRM,FINANCE,HRD,ED9
5Dr. V. ChitraAssociate ProfessorM.Com, M. Phil., B.Ed., MBA., NET., Ph. D.,MARKETING, HRM, BANKING19 Years486447

Corporae Secratryship

S.NoName of the FacultyDesignationEduational QualificationArea of specializationExperienceVidwan IDPhoto
1Dr. S. Vennilaa ShreeProfessor & HeadM.Com.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.DFinance, S-HRM, CSR, Auditing28 years
2Dr.A.MeenakshiAssociate ProfessorM.Com.,M.Phil.,M.B.A.,PGDCA.,Ph.DMarketing, Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting17 years 2 months
3Dr.P.SunanthaAssistant ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.DMarketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting , Financial Services, Consumer Affairs, Entreprenuerial development, Auditing.7 years 2 months249551
4Dr.M.PrathapanAssociate ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., SET., D.Co.op., Ph.dOrganizational Behavior, Tax & Finance20 years 10 months250306
5Dr.M.SenthilAssistant ProfessorM.Com., M.Phil., Ph.DIncome Tax Law & Practice, Corporate Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Banking Theory, HRM, Financial Management6 years 1 month458373
6Dr.N.TaibangnganbiAssistant ProfessorM.A., Ph.D., NET., SETEconomics, Health Economics, Environmental Economics7 years 2months458004
7Dr.S.AiswaryaAssistant ProfessorM.Com., Ph.D., SETBanking & Finance4 years 1 month459150


S.NoName of the FacultyEmployee IDDesignationEduational QualificationArea of specializationExperienceVidwan IDPhotos
1Dr. S. CHANDRACHUD1202Professor and HeadM.A., M.PHIL,M.C.A.,SLET, PH.D., DSC.,Business economics, International Economics, Health Economics and Financial Economics26 years232516
2Dr. S. JANSI RANI1120ProfessorM.A.,LLB.,DAT.,IT.,MBA.,M.Phil.,Ph.DManagerial economics21 Years234248
3Dr. R. PREMALATHA1155Assistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D., SETPublic Economics7 years174027
4Dr. Suvarna raagavendaran1157Assistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D., SET , NETAgricultural Economics, Managerial Economics, Micro EconomicsTeaching Experience 5 years, Industrial Experience 5 years234249
5Dr. V. BALA RUBY1263Assistant ProfessorM.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., SETFiscal Economics, Micro Economics, Indian Economy, Managerial Economics, International Econonics,10 yrs 6months251558
6Dr. A. VINAYAGAM1282Assistant ProfessorM.A.,MBA, MSC M.Phil.,Ph.D., SETMicro Economics, Managerial Economics, Indian Economy, International Economics, Macro Economics, Fiscal Economics9 years321593
7Dr. S. BHUVANESHWARI1294Assistant ProfessorM.A B.ED,Ph.DManagerial economics15 years457898
8Dr. R. RAJESH KANNA1277Assistant professorM.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,M.B.A.,M.A., op.,Ph.D.,Micro economics,Macro Economics,Indian economy .Managerial Economics, Agricultural Economics , Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, Environmental economics,Health Economics,Monetary economicsTeaching 15 year 3 months ,Corporate 4year,NGO 11 years449490
9Dr. M. MURUGANATHAN1299Assistant professorMA, Ph.D.Indian Economy, Managerial Economics, Agricultural EconomicsDefence - 24 years, Teaching 03 Months457901
10Dr. S. SARAVANAN1300Assistant professorM. A., M. Phil., Ph. DMicro economics, International economics, Mathematical Economics, Industrial EconomicsTeaching 9 years 3 months458155


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