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Course objective: To train the students in 3d Animation using advanced software’s and plug –ins. And to train the students to meet the needs of the industry.


Course outcome:

CO1: To gain knowledge about animation principles.

CO2: To understand about 2D graphics

CO3: To gain knowledge about 3D animation

CO4: To gain knowledge about editing

CO5:  To gain knowledge in compositing


UNIT I   INTRODUCTION TO ANIMATION                        

History of animation, Animation principle, Introduction of animation, Line art sketching, Shading, Human anatomy, character model sheet, Breakdown character, Perspective drawings, Clay modeling, Cell animation, color theory, Painting, Story board, Concept art sketching, Storytelling, Acting and Direction, Cinematography, Character design and development,

UNIT II 2D GRAPHIC AND ANIMATION                                           

Advance graphic design, web designing, Boucher, Logo designing. visiting card design,

T-shirt design, Manipulation, Digital drawing, Concept art, bouncing ball, walk cycle, run cycle, Tweening, Animation banner, Basic actionscript,2d animation show reel.

UNIT III 3D ANIMATION                                                         

Nurbs Modeling, Polygon Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Texturing, Lightning, rendering, Lightning Animation, Dynamics, Camera, Camera Animation, Text Animation, Mel and Python basic script, Sculpting, UV mapping,3D Animation short film.3d show reel

UNIT IV EDITING AND ACTING                                              

History of editing, Linear and non-Linear, Montage, Clapboard, Crosscut, Editing techniques, Parallel cut, Offline editing, Online editing, EDL Out, Effects, Title design. Sound editing, Audio video synchronization, Render output, acting and facial exposition 

UNIT V   COMPOSITING                                                            

Rotoscopy, Retouching, Chroma keying, Crowd replace, Camera mapping, Fluid dynamics, Sky replacement,2D tracking, 3D tracking, Telecine, Color sampling, Color grade, Matching, Lighting, Keying, Shadow extraction, Hard body physics, Basic of Camera animation, Matte tracking, Body tracking, Face tracking, Ray tracing, Basic motion capture, Green matte painting, Basic of motion capturing.



Total: 60 Hrs