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Course Objective: 

This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of advertising, with some attention to IBP. The role of these persuasive communication tools within the total marketing effort is emphasized. The course is designed for those students who wish to pursue a career in advertising. The primary objective of the course is to provide each student with the background and experience necessary to develop and implement marketing communication strategies. 


Course Outcome:

CO 1: Understand the nature and scope of Advertising.

CO 2: Plan and implement creative strategy, media strategy, and budgeting.

CO 3: Know the latest trends in advertising.

CO 4: Gain knowledge in audio-visual commercials.

CO 5: Perceiving Visualization process.


Unit I

Definition, Nature & Scope of advertising, Roles of Advertising; Societal, Communication, Marketing & Economic. Functions of advertising.

Unit II

Audience – Based on target audience – Geographic area, Media & Purpose. Corporateand Promotional Advertising. – Web Advertising.

Unit III

Environment – Components -Advertiser, Advertising agency & Media. Consumer behavior – Latest trends in advertising – (India and abroad). Ad Agency – Structure of small, medium & big agencies, functions. Types of agencies – in-house, Independent, Full-service & Specialized. Legal aspects & ethical issues.

Unit IV

Client Brief, Account Planning, Creative Strategy and Brief, Communication Plan, BrandManagement – Positioning, brand personality, brand image, brand equity. Case studies.

Unit V

Conceptualization and Ideation,- Translation of ideas into campaigns – Visualization – Designing & Layout – Copy writing – Types of headlines –  body – copy – base lines – slogans,logos& trademarks. Typography – Writing styles – Scripting  & Story board Advertisingcampaign-from conception to execution.