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Course Objective:

This study will impart detail knowledge of the bone structure of the human skeleton and the body’s muscle structure by drawing and by quizzes on the nomenclature of anatomy.  Students will be able to draw the human figure accurately displaying normative proportional relationships of the body’s parts to the whole. Students will depict the figure in a variety of poses using foreshortening; Students will learn the gesture, the illusion of expressive movement, when drawing the figure spontaneously in very brief periods of time. Students will present their completed work in a professional manner.

Course Outcome:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to: 

CO1: understand the inner form of human anatomy to get knowledge for illustration. 

CO2: understand the measurement of anatomy to learn accurate composing the human figure.

CO3: understand difference between male and female forms and shape anatomy proposition. 

CO4: understand the balance of human anatomy and posing for making art ort object.

CO5: gaining the different movement of human and its line of action.


Unit I – Skeleton Study    

Understanding skeleton forms, head, rib bone, pelvic bone, hand and fingers, legs, Three views of the head and the skull, the study of different views of skeleton, movement of bones, front, back, side views of skeleton.

Unit II – Measurement of Anatomy                                                                                

Measurement of anatomy, male and female, head calculation measurement, eye calculation measurement, different of male anatomy measurement and female measurement, comparing male and female face measurement horizontal and vertical balance of anatomy.

Unit III – Male and Female Anatomy                                          

Comparing muscle of male and female anatomy basic different of male anatomy, and female anatomy, muscle formations on skeleton, comparing feature, head, chest, hip, and pelvic , hand and elbow position, line difference of male and female.

Unit IV – Posing and Balance                                                                                       

Human body movements, balance of movement, life of action, forms and postures, Casual posses, sports movements, dancing movements, rest poses, walking movements for old man young man, different walking styles

Unit V – Movement Study                                                                                            

Live movement study, study human movements in different places, beach, market, road, speed line drawing. Deep study of movement, movement study for painting, statue, story board, and illustration.


Total: 75 Hrs