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This course focuses on the skills required of an animation art direction, concentrating on basic drawing, as well as work in digital media, interactive design and perspective drawing. Students learn anatomy study, environment study and cartoon character study. It emphasizes on creativity, execution, teamwork and project management skills.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:


CO1: Gain knowledge about production design – its history and evolution along with its 


CO2: Have a very good knowledge of Ground Plan Drawing.

CO3: Have detailed understanding of model making.

CO4: Have a thorough knowledge of Creating Set Design.

CO5: Acquire knowledge of the technique and procedure in Story Board.


Unit: I  BASIC DRAWING PRACTICES                                                               

Free hand practice, lines, ovals, rounds, curves, forms & shapes, geometrical forms, non, geometrical forms, shading, shading levels, shading techniques, types of shading, light & shadow, , direction of light & shadow , geometrical forms with Shading , Still Life , introduction  arrangement, composing, sketching, still Life with shading , Still life final drawing. (Geometrical shapes) Creating texture, wood, rusted leaf, skin, cloth, stone, sand, tactile texture 

Unit: II PERSPECTIVE                                                                                           

Introduction of Perspective , Importance of Perspective , Perspective terminology , Horizon line / eye level, Vanishing point, View point, Orthogonal line, Ground line, Picture plane, Types of perspective views, Aerial perspective vs. Linear perspectives, Types of linear perspective, One point perspective, Two point perspective, Three point perspective, Bird’s view, Worm’s view

Unit: III ANATOMY STUDY                                                                                    

Line of Action, Balance (different possess), Stick figure male & female with measurement, stick figure with cylindrical form /volume sketch, Front vs. side with measurement, Quick sketches, Study form live, Foreshortening, Overlapping, Balance – Hand study, Feet study. 

Unit: IV CARTOON CHARACTER STUDY                                                         

Cartooning, Head types, Cartoon eyes, Cartoon noses, Cartoon mouths, Cartoon ears, Hands and feet, Body types and proportions, Developing a cartoon character out of an object, Various action poses of a cartoon character.


2D background design, Landscape, cityscape and seascape, Colorful Background design – Layer alignment – Creating shots for scene, Storyboard



Total: 60 Hrs