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To make students to experience the art of photography. Photography record should contain at least 3 Photographs under each exercise. Each exercise should include all the necessary details (colour, exposure time, lens type etc.). Final practical examination will test student’s knowledge on photography (either as a viva or written exam or practical work on fundamentals of photography). 


Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to: 

CO1: gain knowledge about handle the camera to shoot Landscape, Monimental Photography and Seascape photography.

CO2: gain knowledge about handle the camera to shoot photo Journalism, Photo Feature like any social issues.

CO3: gain knowledge about handle the camera to shoot Fashion Photography, Product photography, Industrial photography, Event Photography.

CO4: gain knowledge about handle the camera to shoot Portray Humans and Movements.

CO5:  gain knowledge about handle the camera to shoot Silhouette Photography, Special Effects, Freezing Movement Photography, Panorama.


Unit: I Landscape                                                                                        

This unit provides the students to explore various (i) Landscape (ii) Monumental Photography and (iii) Seascape. 

Unit: II  Photo journalism                                                                              

This unit makes the students to take photo based on (iv) Photo journalism. (v) Photo Feature / Any social Issues like Environmental, National Integration, Road Safety Etc…

Unit: III Commercial Photography                                                              

This unit allows the students to perform (vi) Fashion photography (vii) Product Photography and (Viii) Industrial Photography (ix) Event Photography.

Unit: IV            Portrait                                                                                                      

This unit encourages the student to (x) portray humans and monuments etc effectively.

Unit: V Effects                                                                                         

This entity presents the students to do (xi) Silhouette, (xii) Special effects, (xiii) Freezing Movement and (xiv) Panorama.



Total: 60 Hrs