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To get an idea of what Karnatic Music is with regard to Terms used, Musical Instruments an outline of Hindustani Music, composers and personalities along with an ability to play 6Mela Ragas in Ascent and Descent in the Keyboard. This GE is designed and offered to the students belonging to other disciplines, for a better understanding and appreciation of our South Indian Classical Music.

UNIT I                                         8
The following Technical terms in KarnaticMusic will be defined and explained.
1. Raga 2.Tala 3.Sruti4.Svara5.Harmony6.Melody
UNIT II                                        8
The following Musical Instruments will be explained with regard to their construction and basic techniques.
1. Vina 2.Flute 3.Mridangam 4.Tabla 5.Violin 6. Pakhawaj 7.Sarangi 8.Sarod 9.Nagaswaram. 10. Tavil .
UNIT III                                      8
The Hindustani Classical Music may also need to be introduced to the students with regard to the above mentioned instruments such as Pakhawaj, Sarangi and Sarod and also the Thats corresponding to our Ragas.
1. Yaman 2.Bhairav 3. Kafi 4.Bhairavi 5.Bilawal 6.Poorvi 7.Asaveri 8.Thodi
UNIT IV                                      8
As a practical demonstration for the students to get a feel of the sound of the svaras, they will be taught to play the notes of the following 6 Melas
Keyboard, or VeenaArohanam and Avarohanam of Mayamalavagaula, Kharaharapriya, Harikambhoji, Shankarabharanam, Kalayani
UNIT V                                        8
Basic outline of the life and contribution of The Trinity namely Tyagaraja, Muttusvami Dikshitar and SyamaSastri will be taught along with a brief introduction to the following musicians of the 20th century.

1. G.N.Balasubramaniam 2. M.S.Subbalakshmi3. M,L.Vasanthakumari
4. D.K.Pattamal 5. SemmangudiSreenivasaIyer 6. T.N.Rajaratnam Pillai
Palakkad Mani 8. S.Balachander9.T.R.Mahalingam 10. LalgudiJayaraman

Total:                                                40h


At the end of this course the students will be able to,

CO-1: Understand terms such as Sruti, Svara, Harmony and Melody

CO-2: Understand what Raga and Tala means

CO-3: Classify musical instruments and explain how each instrument functions

CO-4: Give an outline about Hindustani music

CO-5: Understand the contribution of great composers and musicians of Karnatic Music


South Indian Music Book 1,Prof P. Sambamoorthy,The Indian Music Publishing House, 2005(18th Edition)
Catalogue of the Musical Instruments Exhibited in the Government Museum, Madras,Superintendent, Government Press, 1931

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