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Course Objective:

The Art Direction course provides an introduction to the art departments responsible for designing and implementing the visual elements of filmmaking. This course will educate students in the proper procedures of design, construction and handling of sets and props.     

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: gain knowledge about production design – its history and evolution along with its  technology.

CO2: have a very good knowledge of Ground Plan Drawing.

CO3: have detailed understanding of model making.

CO4: have a thorough knowledge of Creating Set Design.

CO5: acquire knowledge of the technique and procedure in Story Board.


Unit  I History Of Production Design                                                 

A brief historical perspective on production design in motion pictures. The role and responsibilities of the production designer .the production designer’s place-picture begins to move –drafting-materials-lighting –lines and dots ,different perceptions.    


Unit II Ground Plan Drawing                                                                  

Scenic building blocks: types of flats and materials –platforms –backings. The construction drawings types of construction drawings off the blue print

Unit III Model Making                                                                                

Model making –types of models-making the models. Supervising construction and set up supervising –set decoration – the prop master –keeping records –the critique

Unit IV Set Design                                                                                            

Staging a talk show, News show, Panel show, Quiz show, reality show, music concert.                               

Unit V Story Board                                                                                         

Types of lay outs, concept and story developing, idea, script Foreground, Middle Ground and Background,   Developing Drawing Skills, Shot, Angles, Building the Storyboard, study of Classic Film Examples.


Total: 60 Hrs