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The course imparts the basics of sound recording, critical listening and reproduction, It is the art of giving the video its sonic identity, which enriches its language and overall feel advanced skills in all aspects of sound and music, recording, editing, mixing techniques, including tracks and mastering, dubbing, sound editing in a studio recording environment by record and edit single and multiple audio tracks. Finally, processing the edited material and made ready for the final mixed audio.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Fundamentals of analog and Digital sounding Systems, Basic acoustics, sounding levels, knowledge of Digital Audio Workstations (Eg.Protools) and concepts of DAW for Multitrack recording and editing, audio workflow, audio facilities in post-production.

CO2: Demonstrating  Multitrack applications  for sound by importing  Audio files,  Adding    audio tracks,  BUS routing ,recording , editing, audio with  Effects and mixing  audio, Principles Audio transitions.

CO3: Understand the audio processing and dynamic controls, compressors, Noise-Gate,  Compressor/Limiter –Gate, Expander -Filters, Signal routing Advantages/Disadvantages –and routing for listening, mute and solo functions.

CO4: Knderstand the Audio tone processing paragraphic, parametric, Graphic, Equalizers – HPF, LPF, BPF, Automatic Gain controller, FBS, program limiting–reflector, wind shield. Other mastering Plug-ins and Mixing Tools and Audio Techniques.

CO5: Knowledge about the final mixing process and process involved for Mixing and Bouncing Final Audio with DAW, Introduction to Digital Theater Systems & Dolby, DTS


Unit: I Concepts of DAW                        

Describing  the creative and functional application analog and Digital System of sound and basic audio terminology and concepts of DAW for recording and editing, Microphones and Monitor speaker placement, Introduction Basic acoustics, sounding levels for recording and mixing, audio workflow, audio facilities in post-production industry in creating mono& stereo, multichannel outputs Fundamental principles of variable multi track recording techniques, monitoring tracks recording using auto and quick punch, fade effects, Reverb – Delay effects.

Unit: II Functions in DAW       

Demonstrating creative and functional application of sound by importing files into audio software Adding audio tracks, recording audio voice over, editing, audio mixing. Music track composing, audio special Effects, Principles Audio transitions, audio processing and dynamic controls, mute and solo functions, BUS routing for listening, mixing and exporting project to take the final audio for multi channel systems, DTS & Dolby systems.

Unit: III Audio Processing & Dynamics   

Studying the characteristics of compressors, Noise-Gate, Dynamics, Filters To find the overload clipping points, Recording and Editing, Effects, plug -ins Multi track software, Sound cards,  Signal routing – Inputs – Outputs – Bus assignments – Monitoring Advantages/Disadvantages -Recording Chain.

Unit: IV Detailed Study of Dynamics & Plugins   

Compressor/Limiter – Gate – Expander – parametric, Graphic, Equalizers – low frequency equalization, HPF,LPF,BPF,  shelving  parameters equalization, composite equalization, Band filter – Notch filters. Gain riding Compressors and limiter – attack level, variable thresholds, compression, Release time, Attack time, Automatic Gain controller, FBS, program limiting– stereo program limiting – The De-esser, The Noise gate – Multiband compressor, pop filters, spider suspender, parabolic reflector, wind shield. Other mastering Plug-ins. 

Unit: V Mixing and Mastering Multichannel Output         

Creating a knowledge about the final mixing process and the methods involved in processing for delivery required for each industry music soundtrack -the role of the sound designer and sound engineer. The role of the music editor and SFX Temp Tracks Foley and ADR Final Mixing and Dub Delivery Working with the video editor Common file types – mixing tool Exporting and audio with Pro Mixing -interface with DAW software, Introduction to Digital Theater Systems & Dolby.DTS & Dolby recording & playback principles.


Total: 60 Hrs