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To help student to work individually and in a group in planning and executing a campaign.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1:To provide basic and emerging concepts and principles in relation to better decision making in the areas of Advertising & allied fields, Public Relations & Corporate Communication. 

CO2: To enable the students to integrate various functions with organizational goals and strategies. 

CO3: To sensitize students on various gender/ social communication issues in the light of concepts. 

CO4: To provide hands-on training on planning and production of brand and social campaigns. 

CO5: To research and gather consumer insights, development of creative’s, media plans, suggest PR strategies, media engagement in campaigns.


After a few initial input sessions on what a campaign is and its strategies, the student will begin planning a campaign on some socially relevant theme. Using their knowledge and skills regarding main stream media and group media, they will come up with an effective campaign targeted towards a group of their choice – either in the city or in the surrounding area. Interactive sessions with N G O s, Event Managers, and Exhibition Designers will be organized.

The class for this is divided into small groups and briefed to suggest an area of their interest for a 360 degree campaign planning and production. The students work from client brief to production of campaign that broadly includes research to gather consumer insights, development of creatives, media plans, suggest PR strategies, media engagement to budgeting and production. Students are involved at all stages of campaign work. The campaigns are presented to an examiner for evaluation.

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