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build marine structures and vessels

  • Merchant Ships design companies which design Passenger Vessels, General Cargo Ships, Container Vessels, Ro-Ro Vessels, Bulk Carriers etc
  • Oil and gas companies will hire naval architects to build ocean rigs
  • Indian Navy will hire Naval architects to design, build and maintain their marine vessels (for example, submarines, Frigates, Destroyers, Patrol Vessels, Aircraft Carriers, Mine Sweepers etc.)
  • Cruise lines will hire naval architects to build recreational vessels
  • In shipyards to carry out the production of Merchant vessel

Harbor Engineers

  • Maintenance of Channels for the Ships to leave / enter the harbour
  • Improvements to natural harbours and construction of artificial ports and harbours
  • Maintenance of Dry docks, Slipways and wet basins in the harbour

Offshore Engineer

  • Sea-keeping of oil rigs during operation
  • Riser and Mooring Analysis
  • Subsea Pipeline installation and decommissioning
  • Sea fastening Analysis – transportation of materials to rigs through support vessels