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Digital Intermediate (DI) is one of today’s most exciting and fastest growing technologies in digital post production of motion picture films.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Understanding the various types of projection and its technology used in theatres 

CO2: Students explore how the Primary and Secondary color correction affects the whole image intensities of film

CO3: Explore the color of Bit Depth with Look Up Table (LUT).

CO4: Explore other techniques like rotoscopy and keying methods to enhance the color grading in films.

CO5: Understanding the complete methodology of post-production and color grading process.


Unit: I Telecine Coloring Works                                                                         

In this unit we teach about Cathode, ray tube (CRT) system, an electron beam is projected at a phosphor, coated envelope, producing a spot of light the size of a single pixel.

Unit: II Primary and Secondary Color Corrections                                               
In this unit, Students explore how the Primary and Secondary color correction affects the whole image intensities of RGB and highlights of the entire frame, with these we teach the advanced techniques of color correction and well established digital painting techniques in the era of digital cinematography.

Unit: III Mask, Matte, Track                                                                                  

In this unit, student will learn the evolution of digital color correction tools with advanced technique of using point shapes to isolate color adjustment in the specific area of the image. We also teach color keying to isolate the colors in the image. We teach special training for automation on tracking the image in term of color to save the time in the production process.

Unit: IV Di – Process                                                                                                 
In this unit, student will explore the color of Bit Depth with Look Up Table (LUT). We teach about the Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still images either electronically, photo, chemically or digitally

Unit: V    Preserving the Quality of the Image                                                             

In spite of all, after this program students will gain knowledge about the DI importance and the scope of work.


Total: 60 Hrs

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