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Course Objective:

Graphic Design course is designed to enhance the principles of graphic design, illustration and Photo manipulation.  The students will  learn  the role of words, images and layouts to communicate an idea, primarily for marketing and to develop an understanding  the physical media as newspapers, magazines and posters, the field now encompasses multimedia such as websites and cell phone displays to the students.


CO1: Have a better understanding of the Designing software and feel more confident with approaching the programmes and building up further knowledge.

CO2: Create print ads, digital art, matte painting, web design, pattern design and photo manipulation

CO3: Understanding the elements of design, principles of design and Aesthetics of design.

CO4: Understand the dynamics of composition and colour and the technical issues surrounding print and web distribution.

CO5: Understanding the range of image file formats.



Unit I Introduction to Computer graphics       

 Introduction about Pixel  and Vector based  software  with updated version .  Role of computer  graphics in society   (marketing, Entertainment, Publishing, e- Learning)  . Interface of pixel and vector  software with colour mode using in various flat forms and  standard templates.

Unit II    Pixel Design                 

Pixel design based on understanding   Image editing with Crop, Transform , selection, layer concept, layer effects, blending mode, layer mask, colour , Clone stamping, pattern making, colour corrections, photo manipulation, paint brushes, Gradients, sharp and blur and photo masking.

Unit III   Vector design                  

In vector design, preparing graphical  shape, icon, logo and illustration by using pen tool, Direct selection tools, Shape builder tools, shape tools, Pen tool, Vector Brush , stroke colours and fill colours, boarder, Blend tools, Pathfinder tool, Mesh tool, 3d shapes tool, distort and transformation and live tracing .

Unit IV Typography and Filters                           

Understanding the typography usages in graphic designs which is related to font shape, size, colour, style, spread, text alignment, paragraph alignment, text editing and effects, title effects Understanding the filters, Filter’s properties,  Filter plug-in , Distort effect, Shape conversion .

Unit V   Print and Digital publishing                     

Creating print and digital contents such as Business card, poster, Letter head, magazine, brochure, pamphlet, dangler, invitation, front page, web advertisement, flyers, DVD covers, package design, calendar design for various service and products. 



Total: 75 Hrs