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Course objective: Students will understand the importance of social media such as blog, twitter, instagram, facebook and watsup and their influence to society. And also students will grasp need for social media.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to

CO1: Understand what social media is and how this new type of media and    communications technology influences

CO2:  Compare and contrast the purpose and features of different types of social media, including: blogs, social networks, wikis, and photo and video sharing sites.

CO3:  Have an in-depth knowledge about the technical aspects of television and satellites.

CO4:   Have a thorough knowledge of communication through mobile, by understanding the mobile communication pattern, various technologies in mobile, and mobile applications.

CO5:  Have a clear understanding of the elements of Broadcasting technology along with its process and other emerging technologies.



Origins and characteristics of Internet mediated communication – contemporary issues of governance – control of internet mediated communication – the modes of content creation for online newspapers/blogs, online television and online radio – the convergent modes of mobile phone communication and email – the convergent modes of online social networks.

Unit: II SOCIAL MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION                          

Types of Social Media: Blog – Social Networks – Content Sharing Communities – Wikis – Tweeters – Book Marking – Podcasts, The evolution of Social Media – Attributes of Social Media – Impact of Social Media – Tools – Creating – Connecting – Managing Groups – Privacy and Security, Types of Blogs: Personal – Political – Business – Almost Media – Mainstream Media-Reading, Blogging Culture: Presence – Credibility – Identity – Reputation – Authority and Influence.

Unit: III MOBILE AND EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES                                                                            

Information technology: Computer storage – Computer networks – Internet streaming – Web Streaming – Audio and video streaming – Flash streaming – MP3 streaming (radio) – Peer to Peer distribution – Digital video broadcasting via satellite services to handhelds (DVB-SH) Technology – Geo-spatial technology, Wi-fi and Wi-Max – podcasting – i-Pod – Information superhighways – CDMA & GSM technology – mobile communication pattern – satellite telephony – 3G, 4G and 5G technology in mobile – Smartphone video telephony.


IPR & Copyleft – Cyber Culture in Indian perspective: Ravi Sundaram’s Essay Recycling Modernity – Piracy Culture – debate over Plagiarism – The emerging idea of                   commons – Emerging derivative art forms like database cinema, mash up music and collage. 

Unit: V CHALLENGES IN SOCIAL MEDIA                                       

Content – Advertising Marketing – Limitations – Influence on individual & Society –  Social Media Audience: Behaviour – Trends – Users – Domains of application – Crowd Sourcing, Social Media & Organizations – Government & Diplomacy – Activism – Race – Class and Digital Divide.



Total: 75 Hrs