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CO1:  To develop skills in visualizing and illustrating potentiallayout for complex ideas.

CO2:  To acquire knowledge and skill to execute designgraphicsfor information

CO3:  To gain knowledge about infographics.

CO4:  To acquire knowledge about visualizing promotional materials

CO5:  To understand about new media


Unit 1: 

Product mix-distribution channel- marketingcommunication channel- planning advertising, advertisingcollaboration, product positioning, creative blue print,advertising strategy, creative strategy, brain storming, Big idea,copy writer’s, Art director’s contribution & collaboration, purpose of copy and Illustration.

Unit 2: Principles and qualities of good illustration: conceptand visualization; creative process; Visualizing advertisement,structure and types of layout, kinds of layouts.

Unit 3:Business and Information Graphics: Visual/verbalrelationship, what are Infographics? Perspective: Personal, Technical, Ethical, Cultural; Information Design: Tuft,Jacobson; Role of Graphics in Business, Visual Topologies, Concept Graphic, Charts, Tables, Graphs, and Diagrams.

Unit 4: Visualizing promotional materials

 typography & type design, publication design, image making, packaging, print design, corporate identity, branding and information &communication systems like signage or way finding.

Unit 5:Graphics and Information Design

Understanding information design: evolution of new media, standards, prints, WWW, Information Architecture and Design, Interface Design,Graphic Design, Navigational Design, Usability Engineering, Site Tour, Future concerns. Information mapping: Text and font issues, colour, contrast, and grouping.