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Curriculum & Syllabus

SEMESTER I Hours/WeekMaximum Marks
SemCategorySub CodeTitle of the CourseLectureTutorialPractical
ISEC 21LBHM11Communicative French – I40024060100
IAEC 21BHEN11English Paper – I20044060100
IDSC21CBHM11Basic Front Office Operations 20024060100
IDSC21CBHM12Basic Food Production – I20024060100
IDSC21CBHM13Basic Food and Beverage Service - I20024060100
IDSE21DBHM11Food Science20024060100
IDSC21PBHM21Practical - Basic Food Production00404060100
IDSC21PBHM22Practical - Basic Food and Beverage Service00404060100
IDSC21PBHM23Practical - Accommodation Operations –I00404060100
IDSC21PBHM24Practical - Basic Front Office Operations 00404060100

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