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PO1: Understand the role and responsibility of aviation personnel, having leadership quality to have a streamlined operation for the benefit of the company.

PO2: Gain knowledge about the safe operation of aircraft and finding the possibility which hinders the safety of aircraft operation.

PO3: Understand the flow and functions of various teams, working in an airport for the smooth operation of aircraft, and choosing the department of his own personal interest.

PO4: Understand the restrictions, rules, the Do’s and Don’ts within an aerodrome area, to help the security executives to create more safe air operations.

PO5: Knows to work as a team in a different situation and handling the situation as a team and knows the value of multi-crew coordination (MCC).

PO6: Have a clear idea about different documents and manual which are used by a different department in aviation, the procedure to use and the process of updating it

PO7: Have basic knowledge about aero medical, understands resource management, work load, stress management. Can judge various weather conditions, weather report, forecast and its effect.