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Students will be able to understand the language of advertising effectively. And to  equip the students with tools to write effective copy for advertising.


Course Outcome:

CO1: The students will be able to know the basics in advertising strategies and marketing


CO2: The students will learn about the target market and brand positioning in the market.

CO3: The typical layout for an advertisement is learned in relation with the typographical elements.

CO4: Types of advertisement copies with their advertisement appeals is understood by the students.

CO5: Students will understand the marketing techniques in the social media.


Unit 1: Advertising

Product mix-distribution channel- marketing communication channel- planning advertising, advertising collaboration, product positioning, creative blue print, advertising strategy, creative strategy, brain storming, Big idea, copy writer’s, Art director’s contribution & collaboration,

purpose of copy and Illustration.

Unit 2: The creative process

The anatomy of press ads, Agency brief, Advertising strategy-creative brief and creativestrategy.Target audience, tone of voice, brand image, theproposition-the brand positioning statement-brainstorming andthe Big Idea.

Unit 3: Visualization and layout

Visual and copy, advertisingcopy, long and short copy, headline – basics of writing,functions, essentials and different forms. Slogans – necessity,characteristics and different types.

Unit 4: Types of copy 12

Scientific, descriptive, narrative,colloquial, humorous, topical, endorsement, interrogative,

prestige, reason why, co-operative and intentional.

Unit 5: Copywriting for New and Social Media

SharingScience, Valuable Content, Emotional Triggers, Headlines&Hashtags, Adapting a Single Piece of Writing acrossPlatforms, Content Curation for Social Media, MeasuringSocial Media Success.


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