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The students to gain a creative art and drawing skills, and to understand and manipulate the proportional relationships from actual objects, Manipulating the formal elements and principles to achieve better art solutions, Importance and control of good craftsmanship and painting skills.


Course Outcome


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:


CO1: Understand the basics of drawing like lines, shapes and shading styles.

CO2: Create perspective drawings and vanishing point

CO3: Draw various concept art like buildings, creating a fantasy world and various things   

           related to science fiction themes.

CO4: Learn line drawing techniques and do wireframe drawings.

CO5: Do abstract art works and to create an artwork with the objects in hand.


Unit: I       DRAWING BASICS                                                              

Drawing basics- material handling and understanding- teaching variety of lines- vertical- horizontal-diagonal- curved lines-dotted lines- and basic shapes- forms-geometrical shapes and non geometrical shapes-paper balance-Tonal values-Light and Dark- different shading technique-understanding lightings with different objects- Fine shading – academic style shading.

Unit: II PERSPECTIVE DRAWINGS                                  

Perspective drawings – eyelevel line- vanishing line and vanishing point- teaching types of perspectives- one point perspective- two point perspective- and three point perspectives- study of perspective in buildings cape- learning intercross measuring meatheads- applying all three perspective in basic geometrical shape- seascape- cityscape. 

Unit: III CONCEPT ART                                           

 Historical landscapes- buildings- creating fantasy world- landscapes- creating architecture-landscapes- Weapons and props- Creating architecture- landscapes-  Weapons- and props for science fiction- creative characters designs- creative portrait – making posters for concept-concept art for different themes

Unit: IV     LINE DRAWINGS     

Understanding lines- converting photos to line drawing- spot study drawing- monument study- historical spot study- Gesture Drawing- Movement Drawing- Continuous Line Drawing- Continuous Line Drawing Exercises- drawing from life- Drawing Exercises- Cross Contour Drawing Exercises- wireframe drawing 

Unit: V    ABSTRACT ART WORKS               

Introduction to Abstract Art- definitions-impressions-artists – WhAbstract Art-Studio Activity- Create an abstract painting- Surrealism – Dali and Dreamscapes- Color Field Painting- Use found objects to create a readymade art piece- Presentation on Abstract Artist- Critique of student made abstract art work.



Total: 60 Hrs