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Course Objective:

This course presents an introduction to video editing and the process involved in editingof video footage, special effects. Video Editing is really about rearranging the videos in best way to narrate the audience in visual service of storytelling. Editing Terminology and concepts, and the technological workflow for picture and sound, vital role of NLE, students learn editing techniques. Emphasis is placed on post-production.


Course Outcome:

CO1: Having a good knowledge of NLE Editing systems (Adobe premiere & FCP) and various file formats and Different Editing tools and how to construct stories and Media presentation.

CO2: Gain knowledge to analyses and organize, Create story order in NLE projects, Moving Edits, Continuity, Cut, Copy, and Paste. Save, Efx edits render, transitions Film, cut away.

CO3: Types and concepts in style -cutting for genre, , three-point edit, shot compositing , match Frame, Split Edits, Transitions Effects, Color correction & Color grading, ,Montage making,

CO4: Seamless editing and alpha channel, titling techniques, parallel, Intercut, cross cuts. News and Programmed Editing, Voice dubbing, Background music, Audio Edits for video

CO5: Pleasing color with 3 way color correction, Visual Effects motion title graphics & graphics and animation Final export with Basic Encoding to final Delivery for Screening


Unit1 Introduction to Video Editing Systems

Learning the basic video editing techniques using the NLEsoftware, incorporating the various techniques editors use to construct stories.Basic video editing using NLE software, user Interfaces, Capturing Video, cutting project Set, save, scratch disk Sequence, Settings Capture/Import media, organize Create bins   playing, marking clips in/out.  Insert, overwrite edits, transitions.

Unit II Analysing and Oraganising Edit

Process and Principles involved of analyzing  Media  Segregating NG and OK takes, Editing types online editing & Off-line. NON-Linear Editing Techniques, media formats and Video compression, NLE Hardware, sequencing the scenes, refining the cuttings, adding transiting, effects and titling. Sound Cut Pro-interface of software, Music track composing, audio special Effects, Final Audio mixing with video Editing Continuity Film, cut away.

Unit III Editing Grammar / Concepts                  

Principles of video editing & concept, the three-point edit ,project management , basic cuts , audio, style -cutting for genre, working in the time-line, transitions,key framing, applying filters, ingesting, advanced editing techniques, NLE Multiple shot compositing ,color correction & color grading, working on audio, titling and sub titling  Editing tools Adding audio tracks Audio  transitions Audio controls ,Mute and solo buttons Applying audio  key frames Audio mixing tool Timecode-windows in time-line, viewer, canvas, window burn Exporting

Unit IV Video Editing Techniques

Principles of editing- seamless editing, video/audio effects and, titling techniques, compositing, animating clips, motion setting, alpha channel and color option, video effects and rendering video and audio Importing files into audio or video software principles., matching action, change in image and angle, sense of direction, continuity, matching tone, timing, pace, rhythm, selection of shots, cut in, cut away, sound overlay. Jump cut, frames per sec, aspect ratio, compression and expansion of time, parallel and cross cutting. News and Program me Editing, video, audio voice over recording, voice over editing, audio mixing

Unit V Coloring & Final Delivery            

Professional style of 3 way color correction, create high quality motion title graphics. Understand video formats and, chroma keying and other special effects, color correction, incorporating, graphics and animation and exporting project. Planning for sound location scouting mixing process and the methods of delivery required for each industry. 



Total: 60 Hrs

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