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Course objective: 

Students will learn to produce documentary films on any socially relevant topic. 

They will also learn the dynamics of documentary film production such as identifying topics, doing research, writing proposal, scripts, film shooting and editing. They will work in groups in making creative choices to apply the research, planning and technical skills of video production and digital video editing to shoot and edit their own video documentaries.Students are expected to make a documentary film around the duration of minimum 10-15 minutes.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1 : have a thorough knowledge of history and growth of film making.

CO2 : have an indepth knowledge of various elements and features of documentary filmmaking. 

CO3 : to have understood expository, observational, interactive and reflexive modes of representation used in documentary.

CO4 : have a detailed knowledge of the various nuances of realism in documentary from structural and post structural perspective.

CO5 : have a complete grasp of documentary filmmaking with special focus on the themes and itspresentation.


Unit I Developing an Idea

Selection of topic – Research – Collection of Data  

Unit II Structuring a Documentary

Script Writing – Two types of Script – Pre Script –Post Script

Unit III           Directing a Documentary

Is there Director in a documentary – Narration – Way of Telling – Interview – Docu Drama

Unit IV Editing

Logging the footage – Rewriting the script – Writing the narration, – Offline/online editing – Audio mixing 

Unit V       Feedback & Evaluation

Feedback – . Students will show their video to a sample audience and evaluate how far they succeeded in communicating the message. 



Total: 60 Hrs.