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Course objective: 

This course introduces students to the theoretical issues in non-fiction filmmaking. Students will be exposed to different modes of documentary representation and the appropriate usage for each style. It also covers the concepts of objectivity, realism in documentaries. Documentaries of all styles will be screened and discussed. Students will get the opportunity to study the roles and responsibilities of a documentary filmmaker and the importance of the subjects and audiences played in a documentary film. They will also be exposed to current issues and methods of documentary.


Course Outcome:

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1 : Have a thorough knowledge of history and growth of film making.

CO2 : Have an indepth knowledge of various elements and features of documentary filmmaking.

CO3 : To have understood expository, observational, interactive and reflexive modes of representation used in documentary.

CO4 : Have a detailed knowledge of the various nuances of realism in documentary from structural and post structural perspective.

CO5 : Have a complete grasp of documentary filmmaking with special focus on the themes and its presentation.


Unit 1: 12

History of Documentary & Understanding documentary from technical perspective: Different Documentary Film Movements.

Unit 2: Preproduction Process 12

Ideation Process, Research, Understanding the structure of screenplay, Scripting, Scriptwriting Software, drafting Process, Film Grammar, Budgeting,Pitching the story, Scheduling, Casting, and other preparationsfor the shoot.

Unit 3: Production Process 12

Role of the Director, Shooting, Directing the actors, directing the camera and working with thecrew. Understanding Cinematography. Current Trends inDigital Formats & Cameras Used, Blocking and Staging of acamera. Working with sound department on set. Live soundRecording. Executing the production.

Unit 4: Digitizing Process 12

Basic Editing Methodology.Grammar of editing.EditingProcess. Use of Visual Effects,

Colour Correction, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Dubbing,Rendering Master Print.

Unit 5: Digital Film Marketing & Distribution

Ways of FilmDistribution. Understanding the Film Market.Promotion andMarketing of Films.Digital Promotions.Digital Market Sales &Foreign Sales.Scope for online sales for independent films &Film festival Marketing.



Total: 60 Hrs