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Course Objective:

This course is designed for students who want to learn the art of coloring. Basic artistic concepts pertaining to the medium will be covered, such as transparency, composition, basic color theory, and value. A fundamental, hands-on working knowledge of the medium and equipment will be addressed. Emphasis will be on problem-solving, skill building, and helping students develop a personal style.

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: have a very good knowledge of color mixing and values of hue, and Basic techniques with Brushes, paints, and art boards.

CO2: understand of different art material (pastel) and exploring new style and technique and new style of work, learning different methods of pastel painting.

CO3: understand the different cloth texture and its folding form.

CO4: produce a fine quality of landscape painting in different medium.

CO5: achieve realistic skills in portrait paintings.


Unit    I      Water Colours 15

Color mixing, painting in watercolor, Basic techniques with brushes and paints, different brush strokes, mono tone, cut color technique, single wash technique, Wed on wed technique, dry brush technique, organic still-life and inorganic still life’ plants, tree, flowers, Glass, wooden objects cloth, landscapes, portrait, seascapes.

Unit II    Dry Pastels Colours 20

An introduction to pastel materials, Color mixing, painting in dry pastels, mono tone, blending technique cut color technique, smudge technique, rough technique, dry brush technique, organic still life, inorganic still life, plants, tree flowers, cloth, landscapes, portrait, and seascapes, Pastel papers

Unit III Drapery 15

Study different types of cloth, and different styles of folding, silk. Cotton, shadows, shapes, folds, lighting and folds, adjusting the edges, mixing the colors, Sanded board using pastel medium, Composition, black and white value studies to color studies, drapery study in different lighting

Unit   IV     Landscape Painting 20

Pastel sketch, choosing a color palette, demo on layering color, pastels to keep color clean, demo on simplifying cloud shapes, shadows and reflected light, tree study, soft pastels work, study of sky, study of buildings, study of different climates with landscapes.

Unit V   Basics of Portrait In Colour 20

Study of face features eyes, nose, Ear, lip, Contemporary Portrait, tribal portrait, children portraits, mono tone painting, dry brush coloring, black and white portraits, old man portraits, Light to dark technique, dark to light technique, live modal portrait, artificial light portrait.


Total: 90 Hrs