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Objective: On successful completion of the course the students should have:

  1. Learnt to analyze the business model of firm, and determine the role that the internet(and related technologies) can play to support or even enable this model 
  2. Understand the key issues involved in managing electronic commerce initiatives
  3. Utilize the internet to collect information to conduct research.


Unit: I Telecommunication Networks

Introduction- LAN-WAN- internet- what is electronic commerce- brief history of electronic commerce- advantages and limitations of electronic commerce- types of electronic commerce- integrating electronic commerce key questions for management.

Unit: II The Internet and The World Wide Web 

The internet today- history of the web- unique benefits of the internet- internet architecture – world wide web concepts and technology- creating web pages- launching a business on the internet.

Unit: III Electronic Payment Systems

Overview of the electronic payment technology- requirements for internet based payments – electronic payment medias- electronic commerce and banking.

Unit: IV E-Security

 Security in the cyberspace- designing for security- virus- security protection and    recovery encryption- the basin algorithm system- authentication and trust- key management internet security protocols and standard- other encryption issues.

Unit: V   Web Based Business

Business-to-business electronic commerce- intranets and extranets- intranets and supply chain management- legal and ethical issues- case studies.

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