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To train students in the use of English language in varied literary and non-literary context –

To teach them soft skills and strength their foundation in grammar and composition –

To elevate their comprehension skills. 

Credit Hours 

UNIT I – Prose

  1. Walking Tours R. L. Stevenson
  2. All About a Dog A. G. Gardinar
  3. No Man is an Island Minno Masani  

UNIT II – Short Stories

  1. The Man Who Likes Dickens – Evelyn Waugh 
  2. Lamb to the Slaughter Roald Dahl 
  3. Buck Hears the Call  Jack London 


UNIT III – Drama

  1. Selected Scenes from Shakespeare’s Plays – Book I, Emerald Publishers 
  2. a) Funeral Oration (Julius Caesar) 
  3. b) Trial for a Pound of Flesh (The Merchant of Venice) 
  4. c) Patterns of Love (As You Like It) 


  1. General Essay Writing & Group Discussion 
  2. Persuasive Writing and Role Play



  1. Notice, Agenda, Minutes. 


Total: 75 Hours