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Course Objective: This course provides knowledge on various environmental resources and issues facing the world. It deals with natural resources, eco system, biodiversity and environmental pollution.



The multidisciplinary nature of Environment of studies – Definition – Scope and Importance – Need for Public Awareness.

UNIT II NATURAL RESOURCES                      

Natural resources and associated problem – Renewable and Non- Renewable resources: -Forest Resources-Mineral Resources-Food Resources, Energy Resources. Land Resources: Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources- Equitable use of resources of sustainable lifestyles.


Concepts of an Ecosystem – Structure and Functions of an Ecosystem – Procedures, Consumers and Decomposers – Energy flow in the ecosystem – Food chains, Food webs and ecological pyramids – Introduction, types, Characteristics features – Structures and functions of the following ecosystem: Forest ecosystem, Grass land ecosystem, Desert ecosystem, Aquatic ecosystem.

UNIT IV             Biodiversity and Its Conservation     06 Introduction – Definition, genetic, species and ecosystem diversity – Bio-geographical classification of India – Value of Bio-diversity – Bio-diversity at global, National and Local levels – India s a mega-diversity nation – Hot-Spots of diversity – Threats to diversity: Habitats loss, poaching of Wild life, man wild life conflicts – Endangered and Endemic species of India In-Situ conversation of Bio-diversity.

UNIT V           Environmental Pollution and Human Rights        

Definition – Causes, effects and control measures of : Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Marine pollution, Noise pollution, Thermal pollution, Nuclear pollution – Soil pollution management: Causes, effects and control measures of urban and industrial wastes – Role of an individual in prevention of pollution – Pollution – Case studies -Disaster Management – Flood, earthquakes, cyclone of landslides Environment and human health – Human rights – Value education – HIV/AIDS – Women and child welfare – Role of information technology in Environment and Human health – Case study


Total: 30 Hrs