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Sl. No.
Name of the Faculty
Educational Qualification
Area of Specialization
Experience in Years
Vidwan IDPhotos
1Dr.Radha MahendranProfessor and HeadM.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D.Structural Bioinformatics, Computer Aided Drug Designing, Molecular Genetics and Microbial Informatics20years,2months234080
2Dr.Priya.RAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.,Ph.DBiomedical Science, Structural Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Genetics, Nanoinformatics8 years 9 months290700
3Ms.Shanmugavani.SAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)Molecular Biology, NanoTechnology, Genetics, rDNA Technology, Genomics and Proteomics, Programming in BioPython3 years294048
4Dr.Senthil.RAssistant ProfessorM.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.DProtein Folding and aggregation , Genomics, Big Data Analysis,16 years 2 months-
5Dr.Kiresee Saghana.P.RAssistant ProfessorBIO INFORMATICSMolecular Modelling, Drug Designing,Genomics and Proteomics, Big Data Analysis, Programming in BioPERL, Biophython, R-Programming,4 years 2 months-