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Sl. No.
Name of the Faculty
Educational Qualification
Area of Specialization
Experience in Years
Vidwan IDPhotos
1Dr. V. RajendranProfessor & DirectorM.Tech., Ph.DSystems and Signals, Underwater Electronics, Marine Instrumentation, Underwater signal processing, Ocean Acoustics, Wireless Network & Data Science and Analytics37 Years290838
2Dr. Jerritta.SProfessor & HoDM.E., Ph.DPsychophysiology, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Time Frequency Analysis of time series, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning17.5 Years173520
3Dr. Vijayalakshmi.PAssociate ProfessorM.E., Ph.DUnderwater Communication and Networking, Machine Learning17 Years232580
4Dr. M. MeenaAssociate ProfessorM.E., Ph.DWireless Networks - Cognitive radio13 Years232479
5Dr. G.R. JothilakshmiProfessorM.E., Ph.DMedical Image Processing25 Years232524
6Dr. T. JayaAssociate ProfessorM.E.,Ph.DWireless Networking, Underwater Communication12 Years290166
7Dr. Arul Stephen.CAssistant ProfessorM.E., Ph.DWireless Sensor Networks and Communication10 Years250052
8Dr. M. MonishaAssistant ProfessorM.E., Ph.DDigital Communication, Wireless Networks & Cognitive Radio Networks8 Years232464
9Dr. Kumudham. RAssociate ProfessorM.E., Ph.DImage Processing and Electromagnetics9.6 Years173380
10Dr. C. SharanyaAssistant ProfessorM.E., Ph.DDigital Electronics, Wireless Networks & Cognitive Radio Networks8.5 Years232683
11Dr. A. VijayalakshmiProfessorM.E., Ph.DWireless Sensor Networks, Deep learning, Data Analysis and Secured Communication, IoT and Embedded Systems21 Years232640
12Mr. J.Antony Veera Puthira RajaAssistant ProfessorM.E., MBA, (Ph.D)Wireless Network & Data Science and Analytics10497452
13Dr. Madona B SahaaiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech., Ph.DMedical Image Processing4250933