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Course Objective:

Students will demonstrate proficiency in design principles, design process, theory, history and contemporary design practice. Students will develop an understanding of design process and problem solving methods and explore the effect graphic design has upon the human environment from social responsibility, sustainability and interdisciplinary perspectives. 

Course Outcome :

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: gain knowledge about graphic design – its history and evolution along with its technology, and concepts. 

CO2: have a very good knowledge about Principles of Graphic Design

CO3: familiar with design principles.

CO4: develop an understanding of the different design processes and problem solving methods

CO5: understand the techniques involved graphics design.


Unit I – History of Graphic Design                                                        

History of graphic Design.  Basic design: development of aesthetic sensibility towards design – Elements of Design: Line, shape, forms, space, colours etc., Introduction to design, impact/function of Design, indigenous Design practices – horizontal line, vertical line, ascending decending lines, s  form, c form, o form,

Unit II – Principles of Graphic Design                                                  

Understanding the most essential aspect of design, unity, to achieve through different principles like harmony, rhythm, and perspective. Communication Techniques  (Gutenberg to digital).

Unit III – Role of Design                                                                              

Role of design in the changing social scenario – role and responsibility of Designers. Design skills and techniques using a variety of tolls – printing / publishing technology. 

Unit IV – Pattern Design                                                                                   

Creating pattern design with use of one geometrical shape, two geometrical shapes, three geometrical shapes.   Creating 2D cut pattern design with basics of two dimensional design including the elements and principles of graphic design.

Unit V Typography                                                                                        

Design principle for typography. Legibility, similarity, alignment, uniformity or consistency, contrast.  Lettering / Fonts and their implication. Typography and calligraphy Creation, Modification and presentation society and Articulation, design, Motifs, patterns etc. from society. 


Total: 90 Hrs