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Course Objective:

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the basic objectives, principles, and methods used in graphic design. The projects described here are designed to provide a range of opportunities for creative problem solving within practical constraints.


Course outcome: 

CO1: Create personally significant works of design applying basic design/color concepts and techniques.

CO2: Have a thorough knowledge about Create logo design.

CO3: Have a very good knowledge about create Visiting card & Letter Head.

CO4: Understand the basic principles of Poster design. creating individual poster designs.

CO5: Have an in-depth knowledge about the Brochure Design.

Unit   I Colour                                                                                                  

Importance of colour – colour attributes – hue – value – saturation – colour harmonies – achromatic – monochromatic – polychromatic – colour wheel – warm colours – cool colours – analogous colours complementary colours – split compliments – incongruous – traits and tetrads.

Unit   II Logo Design                                                                                       

Creating logo design for Advertising Agency, film Production Unit – Commercial Organization, Corporates, Non – Profit Organization, government Agency – Satellite Television Channels & Service Industry.

Unit   III Visiting Card &Letter Head                                                   

Designing Visiting card & Letter Head for 6 Organizations mentioned above using the Logo Created for the organizations.

Unit   IV Poster Design                                                                                

Creating five poster designs. Design of the Poster deal with layout, colour, text size , Style and Type. Paragraph Formatting, Visuals, Space. Criteria of a Good Poster- Clarity , Relevance, Concision, Appeal, Readability.

Unit   V Brochure Design                                                                           

 Components of a Brochure – Headline, Subheading, Body Copy, Signature, Disclosures, Terms or Conditions, Illustrations. Design Considerations – The Rule of Thirds, Type, White Space. Creating 5 brochure design.  Single brochure, single-fold brochure, three-fold brochure.