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The objective of this course is to learn the techniques of interior design & decor, animation, TV graphics, set design and 3D presentations.  Also this course will give basic knowledge on Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Tracking, 2D and 3D compositing, Rotoscopy etc.


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: It will give an exposure for creating a 3D model.

CO2: Students will gain knowledge on texturing 3D models.

CO3: Will have a key knowledge on key frame animation and rigid body animation with lighting.   

CO4: Will understand the concepts of layer management in live footage.

CO5: Will provide an exposure on 3D stereo concept.



Unit: I  MODELING AND TEXTURE                                                     

Introduction to 3D software and interfaces – polygon model , nurbs model –  Inorganic model and Organic Model – Texturing – Creating Bump and reflection  maps from bitmap-  Material preparation – UV  unwrapping .   

Unit: II  3D ANIMATION & DYNAMICS                                                

Basics of character animation, Title animation, Experiment on Principle of animation- Logo Formation- Concept of key frames – Particle of animation in dynamics and Cloth Stimulations.

Unit: III  LIGTING AND RENDERING                                                    

3D Lights:- Ambient, spot , Point , direction and sky light in Photometric  and Standard systems- shadow pass and reflection pass –  3d Rendering  -Adding a Camera-Using Multiple Viewports to Position the Camera -Rendering Still Images- Animating the Camera Movement.

Unit: IV  2D COMPOSITING                                                                      

Rotoscopy – green matte removal – matte extraction-  2d tracking – 2d Title animation, video manipulation, colour correction, colour grading and wire removal and image composition.

Unit: V  3D COMPOSITING                                                                     10

Importing 3D Rendered Footage placing – Adding multiple pass – Depth map – Working 3D camera in compositing – 3D Tracking –  Adding filter to the text  and logo animation-  particle and emitter in compositing software- colour matching – Exporting video output formats.    


Total: 60 Hrs

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