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The objective of this course is to learn the techniques of graphical arts through multimedia tools and effective utilization of them. Students will know the process of using the multimedia tools for various digital outputs like logo designs, posters, web pages, web Ads and digital art. 


Course Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

CO1: Have a better understanding of the Designing software and feel more confident with approaching the programmes and building up further knowledge.

CO2: Create print ads, digital art, matte painting, web design, pattern design and photo manipulation. 

CO3: Understanding the elements of design, principles of design and Aesthetics of design.   

CO4: Understand the dynamics of composition and colour and the technical issues surrounding print and web distribution.

CO5: Understand the range of image file formats.


Unit: I     INTERFACE OF GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARES                     

Introduction of Graphics design software, Interface of software, Dynamic Design Tools, Digital Designing works, Front, page design, Making Clipart, Tracing techniques.

Unit: II      CREATING DYNAMIC OUTPUTS                                         

Logo Making, Business cards, Banners and posters. Using shapes and lines to complete digital works, Digital Painting and Vector Design

Unit: III DESIGN PRINCIPLES AND TEXT                                 

Vector Art Design principles , Flier Design, Working with Text, Colour and Graphics and Layout, Handling Page Elements, Multiple Pages, Typography for any digital work like brochures, Pamplets etc…


 Creating cartoonic characters with colour and shades, charater preparation to animate, Image compositing , print ads making , Title Design, Graphic Filters.

Unit: V   BOOKLET MAKING                      

Creating booklets, magazine, catalog and prospectus by using photo placing and page alignment, page setting and wrapper design. page setting for printing . color processing and printing  process.



Total: 60 Hrs