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(Modern poetry, Journalism)

Unit I      – ‘Adhunik Kavitha (Apna Sansar),Journalism 15

Aim         – ‘Rashtra Kavi’ Maithili sharan gupta ‘ dreams about his life in a beautiful           

                    manner & describes how his world should be.

Journalism plays a great role in the devolopment of a country.Through this,students get an oppurtunity to know about hindi journalism & the devolopments took place gradually.

Unit II    –  Adhunik Kavitha (Chintha),Journalism 15

Aim         – Taken from ‘Jayashankar prasad’ s Kamayani, this poem explains the condition 

                    of human beings at different situations.

Unit  III   – Adhunik Kavitha (‘Thum logam se durr’),Journalism 15

Aim          – ‘Shri Gajanan madhav mukthi bodh’ describes the present day’s thought of a 

                    common man & expectations.

Unit  IV   –  Adhunik Kavitha (‘Thum logam se durr’),Journalism 15

Aim          –  Poet ‘Bhavani Prasad mishra’ points out the importance of love & affection 

                      and also the bad effects of enmity.

Unit  V     –  Adhunik Kavitha (‘Nimna Madhya Varg’ & Bharath Ki aarthi”),Journalism 15

Aim          –  ‘Prabhakar machve’ explains the condition of the middle class in ‘Nimna

                      Madhya Varg’ ‘Shamsher bahadur singh’s poem ‘Bharat ki aarthi’ points out 

                      the importance of patriotism & our desires.


Total 75 Hours