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HISTORY OF MUSIC – 2 4 0 0 4


This course will take the student through the Renaissance period of Western Classical Music throwing light on the various instruments and typical styles of presentation.

UNIT 1                                          12
Introduction and Study of Renaissance period, Characteristic features of Renaissance period, Consonance and Dissonance, Tonal and Modal, Homophony
UNIT 2                                         12
Vocal and Instrumental musical forms of Renaissance including Mass, Carol, French chanson and Italian madrigal, Ballade, Lute song, Motet-chanson, Consort music, Toccata, Prelude, Ricercar, Canzona
UNIT 3                                         12
Study of musical instruments of renaissance period, Church organs/Reed organ/Slide trumpet/Cornett/ Trumpet/Sackbut, Shawn/Reed pipe/Hornpipe/Bagpipe/Panpipe/Transverse flute/Recorder
UNIT 4                                         12
Selected study of musical instruments of renaissance period, Viol/Hurdy-gurdy, Lyre/Irish Harp/Gittern and mandora, Tambourine, Jews harp
UNIT 5                                         12
Composers and style of presentation, Burgundian School, Franco- Flemish, John Dunstaple Leonel Power, Musicareservata, Listening sessions wherever possible
Total:                                               60h


At the end of this course the students will be able to,

CO-1: Understand the history and characteristics of Renaissance music

CO-2: Understand the vocal and instrumental forms of Renaissance period.

CO-3: Understand the musical instruments of the Renaissance period

CO-4: Appreciate rare instruments like Viol/Hurdy-gurdy and Lyre/Irish

CO-5: Appreciate the style of composers and presentation of the Renaissance period


Music History During The Renaissance Period 1425-1520, by Balanche M. Gangwere

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