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HISTORY OF MUSIC – 5 0 0 4 4

The student will be taken through the romantic period of Western Classical music

UNIT 1                               12
Music in Romantic and early 19th Century Period, Romanticism, Characteristic features of Romanticism, Harmonic structures, Elaborate harmonic progressions/Experimental progressions
UNIT 2                              12
Musical Structures of the following: Song Cycle/nocturne, Concert etude, Fantasias, and preludes, Arabesque and rhapsody, Programme music / Waltz
UNIT 3                              12

Modern piano, Contrabassoon, Bass clarinet, piccolo Saxophones, euphonium, Wagner tuba
Xylophones, snare drums, celestas, bells, triangles, Cornets
Guitar, orchestral harps
Wind machines
Orchestra during Romantic period

UNIT 4                              12

Trends of 19th Century, Non-musical influences, Musical Nationalism, Rhythm in Romantic period, Melody in Romantic period

UNIT 5                             12

Selected Composers and their works
Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Brahms, History and study of Beethoven’s Symphonies
Total:                                 60h


At the end of this course the students will be able to,

CO-1: Understand Characteristic features of Romanticism

CO-2: Comprehend Musical structures of Concert etude, Fantasias, Rhapsody and Waltz

CO-3: Understand instruments like Modern Piano, Xylophone, Guitar and so on

CO-4: Appreciate trends of the 19th century and the melody in the romantic period

CO-5: Appreciate the works of selected composers of this era


Source Reading in Music History from Classical Antiquity through the Romantic Rea, by
W. Oliver Strunk, ISBN 0393037525
Music in Romantic era by Alfred Einstein